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Apr 9, 2007 12:58 PM

Cracked Le Creuset

I just received a Le Creuset multipot (enameled skillet lid, saucepan bottom) that I won from an ebay auction and the saucepan is actually physically cracked. I plan on contacting the seller but is there any hope for this pan at all? I actually very much love the size and general condition.

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  1. I have one that appears to be cracking as well. I've had it about 18 years - got it as a wedding gift. I read somewhere here on the boards that if you write to LeCreuset that they will replace it...lifetime guarantee and all. I haven't tried that yet myself tho. Good luck with the seller.

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      I'm pretty sure eBay has recourse worked into their system if the seller doesn't respond. Unfortunately, you might have a hard time getting Le Creuset to replace it. From their online warranty:

      "This Lifetime Limited Warranty covers the original retail consumer purchaser, or a consumer who receives the product new and unused as a gift from the original retail purchaser. Coverage terminates if a covered consumer sells or otherwise transfers the product."

      You might still try. Here's the link: