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Apr 9, 2007 12:49 PM

Looking for Dried Lychee at Trader Joe's?

Anyone find dried lychee at your local Trader Joe's? Fremont one doesn't have it, so I'm asking around. Anyone seen it? I heard it's pretty good and want to get some, willing to travel.

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  1. They have it at the Mountain View Trader Joe's. I bought it and I wasn't that impressed. It was ok to buy the first time but I probably won't buy it again

    1. They have them at the Trader Joe's in SF on Masonic. Have been curious to try them.

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      1. re: gaianeh

        They also have them at Trader Joe's in SOMA

      2. Trader Joe's San Carlos said that they are getting a shipment on Tuesday. My mom snagged a bag at the Millbrae TJ's and brought some for me. I loved them. You can steep it in tea--iced or not to give it a wonderful lychee aroma.

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        1. re: peppatty

          Oh, wow. I haven't had them since I was a child. Do they come in a box with the shells still on them? And the pits in the center? Where in the store are they located?

          1. re: Sharuf

            Unlike the chinese kind i had as a kid, they are lighter colored, no pit, and without the shell. Still as fragrant and no "imported from china" aroma. They should be with the dried fruit section.

        2. I saw dried lychee (and dried rambutan if anyone's looking) at the Los Gatos TJs on Sunday. In a plastic-lined foil pouch, top row of the dried fruit section. The price scared me away.

          1. I tried them and they grow on you -- they don't all taste exactly the same, some sweeter, some a tiny bit woody.
            I went back (San Mateo) to get more - and they didn't have any. The guy talked me into buying dried rambutan instead, saying it's the same. It's not: the rambutan is freeze-dried, and is light like styrofoam -- we've been calling it styrofruit. Not nearly as tasty as the lychee. but fun.
            I will buy more lychee when they have it.
            They are in foil zip packets.

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            1. re: Kim Cooper

              I just picked up some freeze-dried "styrofruit" mangosteen from TJ out of curiosity, and I like it. I'm sure it completely pales in comparison to the real thing, of course. (Which now I'd love to try!)

              1. re: gaianeh

                I picked up a bag at TJ Daly City when I was there three weeks ago. I bought some more from TJ San Mateo last week, I guess they were really popular and ran out.

                I like these better than the mangosteen.

              2. re: Kim Cooper

                I saw fresh (although who knows how fresh!) rambutan at the Alameda TJ's this weekend. Anyone else see them and try them?