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Looking for Dried Lychee at Trader Joe's?

Anyone find dried lychee at your local Trader Joe's? Fremont one doesn't have it, so I'm asking around. Anyone seen it? I heard it's pretty good and want to get some, willing to travel.

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  1. They have it at the Mountain View Trader Joe's. I bought it and I wasn't that impressed. It was ok to buy the first time but I probably won't buy it again

    1. They have them at the Trader Joe's in SF on Masonic. Have been curious to try them.

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        They also have them at Trader Joe's in SOMA

      2. Trader Joe's San Carlos said that they are getting a shipment on Tuesday. My mom snagged a bag at the Millbrae TJ's and brought some for me. I loved them. You can steep it in tea--iced or not to give it a wonderful lychee aroma.

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          Oh, wow. I haven't had them since I was a child. Do they come in a box with the shells still on them? And the pits in the center? Where in the store are they located?

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            Unlike the chinese kind i had as a kid, they are lighter colored, no pit, and without the shell. Still as fragrant and no "imported from china" aroma. They should be with the dried fruit section.

        2. I saw dried lychee (and dried rambutan if anyone's looking) at the Los Gatos TJs on Sunday. In a plastic-lined foil pouch, top row of the dried fruit section. The price scared me away.

          1. I tried them and they grow on you -- they don't all taste exactly the same, some sweeter, some a tiny bit woody.
            I went back (San Mateo) to get more - and they didn't have any. The guy talked me into buying dried rambutan instead, saying it's the same. It's not: the rambutan is freeze-dried, and is light like styrofoam -- we've been calling it styrofruit. Not nearly as tasty as the lychee. but fun.
            I will buy more lychee when they have it.
            They are in foil zip packets.

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              I just picked up some freeze-dried "styrofruit" mangosteen from TJ out of curiosity, and I like it. I'm sure it completely pales in comparison to the real thing, of course. (Which now I'd love to try!)

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                I picked up a bag at TJ Daly City when I was there three weeks ago. I bought some more from TJ San Mateo last week, I guess they were really popular and ran out.

                I like these better than the mangosteen.

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                I saw fresh (although who knows how fresh!) rambutan at the Alameda TJ's this weekend. Anyone else see them and try them?

              3. They're like lychee raisins! I'm not sure I'd buy them again. As said, some are a bit woody while some are nice.

                1. Just saw them last week at the Millbrae TJ's on El Camino. Was wondering what they tasted like.

                  1. I found dried lychees at the Trader Joe's in Fremont today 9/9/07. 7 oz bag for $3.99. They are pretty good. Shelled & pitted, they are dried and pretty tasty, good snack..I agree w/ mlgb "like lychee raisins". Said product of Thailand on the back of the bag.

                    Pic attached.

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                      Also at TJ's Millbrae. I bought the last two. Hopefuly they are beginning to ship to all the stores. I haven't seen them at the San Carlos TJ's yet.

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                        Peppatty, I found the dried lychee at the San Carlos TJ store Sat 10/20/07 for $3.99.

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                          Thanks, I've been stocking up!!!