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Apr 9, 2007 12:48 PM

How Do You Like Your Matzo Brie?

as we near the end of Passover, I am wondering how people eat their matzo brie? As far as I know, there are two general ways to look at it, matzo as french toast or scrambled eggs with matzo. I have always fallen into the latter category, putting salt and pepper on my matzo brie (and sometimes scrambling it up with cheese and veggies too!) but last night I was eating with friends who put powdered sugar on theirs.

What about you?

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  1. put me in the scrambled egg category. I take a sheet of matzo, break it up and soak in warm water then drain. Fry in a little butter and add 2-3 beaten eggs and scramble. Salt and pepper for me.

    1. We had this discussion at our Seder last week. The majority were in the powdered sugar/jam catagory... but my family has always been in the salt and pepper.

      I look at it as Chilequiles with matzo, sometimes even adding cheese/onions/peppers.

      1. Yesterday, Sun., for brunch, my family and I went to Brent's deli - a favorite here in Los Angeles. I LOVE their matzo brie - scambled, lite on the matzo with onions, served side saddle is a scoop of sour cream and strawberry jam! THE BEST!

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          Oooooh-- I find the idea of jam or sugar with matzo brie weird and possibly a bit nauseating, but if anyone on this earth could make me try it, it's Brent's :) But just to be safe, only if I have some of their whitefish on hand to chase it down with :)

          (I must live a sheltered existence--up until the recent disc. on this board, I had certainly never contemplated the idea that matzo brei could be anything but savory, and must confess that I'm still completely baffled by the idea of it. A totally foreign concept, about as appealing to me as a peanut butter and jelly omelette!)

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            The way it was described to me was: Matzo French Toast.

        2. I grew up with the following recipe: soak several sheets of broken matzo in water, drain well. In a seperate bowl beat eggs, milk, vanilla, pinch of sugar and lots of cinnamon- pour over the matzo. They fried it in margarine, stir-fry style. (I substitute a spritz of canola spray and a small amount of butter.) Pour on the maple syrup. From other Jews and previous posts my version does not seem too traditional, but I love it french toast style- I do plan on trying it with scrambled eggs- maybe lox would be good too. I must say I shivered when reading Ruth Raschel describe making matzo brie with a stick of butter- that's a bit much:}

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            Since my childhood, I have been eating matzo brei with sugar. I break up a whole box of regular matzo in a collander, place it under cold water until it is soft, add it to 10 to 11 eggs ( scrambled), melt butter ( enough to coat the bottom and sides of a frying pan). I then combine the matzo and eggs add a little salt, pour into the hot pan. After it cooks for a while I flip it over and cook the top which is now the bottom. I looks like a very large frittata. It is then cut into wedges and served with sugar. My children say it one of the best things about Passover next to the chicken soup with matzo balls. To all of you who celebrated Passover, I hope that it was spent with family and friends and that everyone had a wonderful sedar

          2. There's another thread below on this topic, but I throw my two cents in here too. I've taken to crumbling the matzah with the batter, then cooking in the waffle iron. Just made it seem like a novel dish, and it's really good.