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Apr 9, 2007 12:47 PM

Intimate Dinner in the Valley

I need help...
My guy and I want to have a 'romantic' dinner this Friday, some where in the Studio City/Sherman Oaks area. I was thinking about Rive Gauche in Sherman Oaks, I've never dinned there but it looks very cute, cozy and intimate... I was curious if anyone has dinned there... what you thought of it... As well, as get other suggestions for dinner. Thanks

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  1. I think Bistro Garden is a nice place for a romantic dinner was well as Cafe Bizou.

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    1. re: rascalplanner

      Definitely Bistro Garden. Nothing in the Valley compares to it. Bright, airy, good food, not noise deafening. Cafe Bizou is not even close as a choice.

    2. For romantic I recommend Il Tiramisu, its very dark and cozy, request a booth were you can sit side by side. Also $5 corkage so bring your own wine. Its on Ventura, near Woodman. My husband always go there for a romantic meal. Another rec is Cafe Bizou, but you must sit in the patio, its away from all the crowds and very romantic, and $2 corkage!

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      1. re: CarlieInLA

        Second both of these. Also, maybe Max.

      2. little bit of drive but well worth it is "saddle peak lodge"

        1. How about Le Petit Bistro (next to The Great Greek, on Ventura near Woodman)? I was just there last night and was pleasantly surprised. I liked my Mussels and Frites and my friend devoured the Lamb Shank. Bill was also very reasonable!

          1. Ecletic Cafe near the NoHo metro is really nice. The warm steak salad is seriously killer.