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Apr 9, 2007 12:44 PM

2 wks in Paris, under 15 euros lunch/20 dinner per person

hi, we will be in paris for the last week of april and 1st week of may. we're staying in an apt. in the marais ( breakfast will be here). we are from san francisco and are looking forward to walking everywhere & using metro/buses to explore as well. we would like to to eat primarily french food and also ethnic food in the various neighborhoods of paris. we prefer eating with the locals and are fine with off the beaten track/hole in the wall places. i have collected some recommendations from this site but am hoping with more specific $ parameters people will be better able to respond. thanks

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  1. I just got back last week. I found Paris to be far less expensive than I thought. I stayed in the Latin Quarter. All over Paris, but particularly in my neighborhood there were tons of affordable meals. Sandwich shops were all over the city, all sandwiches were 3-4eur, very filling. Crepes were everywhere as well, but more concentrated in the Latin Quarter. They were between 2.50-5 eur., again big and filling.

    We ate at a number of Brassiere's (sp?) and they were affordable as well, meals from 7-13 eur per person.

    We had one sit down three course meal. Near Notre Dame, on the right bank there is an area we called restaurant row. There were 30 or so restaurants all offering 3 course meals from 9-19 eur. We had a good meal for 14 eur. It wasn't fine dining, but it was french and it was fun. There is one street to avoid in this area, all of the restaurants have "used car salesman" types trying to lure you in, total turn off for us.

    The only ethnic food we ate was middle eastern Shawerma, a large gyro for 5 eur. It was a tasty late night after the bar meal.

    For breakfast we would stop at a bakery and get a pastry for 1-2eur. Eat than while walking to a bar and get a cafe au lait for about 2eur.

    We drank wine everywhere as it was less expensive than soda or beer. A 50 ml carafe (pinchet)....about 4 glasses...of house red or white was between 5-9eur.

    I took a list of recommended low cost restaurants, but found so many affordable restaurants around, for less, that I didn't use my list.

    By no means did we enjoy any fine dining, but we ate plenty of really tasty french food.

    1. Lunch: Les Temps de Cerises in the Marais on the corner of Rue de la Cerisaie &Rue du Petit Musc, has a 15euro lunch menu, does not include wine.
      Also look around at the menus and plat du jour listed on places and look who is eating inside. It is perfectly acceptable to have the plat du jour at 10 or 12 euros and a glass of wine, bottle of water etc.
      There is a place behind the department store BHV called B4,on the square de la Bretonnerie 4th .modern decor, has a daily menu around 12 euros for lunch, I have wanted to try it but the last couple of times past the selections did not appeal--the day it caught my eye they had steak with béarnaise sauce and dessert. was crowded.
      L’Avant-Goût: 26, rue Bobillot, 13th, near Place de Italie, lunch menu around 15 euro, had a soup, fish, glass of wine and coffee for that there last year, I got in without a reservation but had to agree to vacate table at 1.
      Dinner: Les Fetes Galantes, a small place on the rue de l'Ecole Polytechnique 5th. they have two menus--a 15 and a 23 euro. plus drinks.
      Au Pied du Fouet 2 locations 45 rue de Babylone, 7th, 3 rue St. Benoit in the 6th. entrees 3 to 5 euros, plats 7 to 10, cheeses 4 or 5. decent food at bargain prices.

      1. Janeabby, Could you share some of your collected recommendations for reasonable eating places in Paris? We will be there in May and will be on a budget. Many thanks.