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Apr 9, 2007 12:43 PM

Recs for Fancy-ish Sunday Brunch (The Old Mill?)

Just wondering if anyone has been to the Old Mill for Sunday Brunch lately. Couldn't find any recent reviews on here, and it looks like the price has now gone up to $38 /person.

I will be taking the girlfriend out for brunch followed by a show at the opera house this Sunday for her birthday. Any other recs for a fancy-ish Sunday brunch in that same price range?

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  1. Made a mistake, I think $38 was the easter brunch...

    Anyways, I've also heard good things about Thuet and Globe Cafe. Any others?

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    1. re: gee_boi

      Mildred Pierce. Plus, MP is closing in July, apparently, so it won't be possible to go soon. (I haven't been to the Old Mill for brunch, so I can't comment).

    2. I went to the King Edward hotel for brunch once and it was great. I'm not sure of the price though.

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      1. re: Fetter

        Agreed. Great buffet brunch with everything from oysters to crab claws to cheeses to beef and lamb. It's a little pricier at about $45 per person, but well worth it for a special occassion.

      2. The Windsor Arms has a great Sunday brunch...It's around the $40 mark, but good food, quality, atmosphere.