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Apr 9, 2007 12:42 PM

New pizza place on Grand

Does anyone have any information on the new pizza place going in on Grand, just West of Ogden? Sign says something about coal buring oven. Is this enough of a draw for a neighborhood that already has at least three pizza places within three blocks? I have high hopes that this will be a chowhound type place.

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  1. Is a coal-burning oven a good thing for pizza?

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        I have heard from a couple of New Yorkers (who have these) that it is a great thing because it makes the temp of the oven around 600 degrees. Yet, I don't quite get it, is there someone who shovels coal into the furnace like they used to do for trains, to keep it stoked?

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          Its kind of like a wood buring oven - you stoke up the oven with coals, light it up, and over a couple hours it burns down. Wood ovens can get up to 750 degrees, coal up to 800 degrees. Then you keep a pile of coal on the side to maintain a high temperature. In either case, pizzas cook quick, so a crispy crust that is still soft in the middle. Coal gives more of a grilled taste, similar to grilling food on your Weber, but the overall high temp of the oven quickly cooks the toppings as well. It started when Italian immigrants came over and found coal easier to get than the traditional wood. I don't imagine its too healthy, or good for the environment, but my recollection from college is that they taste delicious. Not sure about this place on Grand.

    1. This will be open soon. They are waiting for inspection. Two partners, one from the East Coast and the guy who will run it is Jay, who is a bartender at the Matchbox. From what I have heard, his pizza recipe is great even when he cooks it in a home oven. I have been waiting for 9 months for this place to open since it is 4 blocks from my house...

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        I can't wait. Does the restaurant have a name yet? Any idea when it will open?

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          1. Coal Fire
            1321 W. Grand Ave.
            Open 5pm-11 everyday but Monday.

            I haven't been there. Sounds like this is just a couple blocks west of the block of Grand with May Street Market, D'Amato's Bakery, and Terry's Toffee.

          2. One of the Tribune food writers did a "First bite" piece on this restaurant.