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Apr 9, 2007 12:40 PM

Boulevard Grill - 2-4-1 burgers...not so much

I'm totally addicted to the Hawaiian chicken sandwich there and have been going at least twice a month (honestly, probably more often than that, but...) on the 2 for 1 days (Saturday and Monday), because, quite frankly, the burgers aren't cheap at $8.

I always opt for the upgrade to chicken for the additional 50 cents Texas toothpicks for an additional dollor on top of that.

Hubbers and I went in today for our usual and I should have seen the writing on the wall when the waitress had to write down my order for a tea and a water with no ice.

Hubbers decided he wanted a chicken upgrade as well and when he started to order, the waitress said they just started a new policy not to have chicken on the 2-4-1. We asked that if one of us got the burger and one of us got the chicken, why the burger wouldn't be free with us paying full price for the chicken upgrade. (maybe it's too expensive even with the fifty cent charge to allow 2-4-1 for two chicken instead of beef?). She went back and asked - no. I won't bore you with the details, but would someone please explain to me why, if I'm paying "full price" for the chicken upgrade and it's 2-4-1 burger day, we can't get the burger? Does this make sense to you? I'd only pay $8 for a hamburger (I don't want), but am willing to pay $10 to make it chicken AND you're bringing out a hamburger for the one you're comping anyway? We didn't get ugly and we were quite courtious, and, while not understanding the math, ordered anyway.

Then my burger came with the wrong cheese and when I asked her just to bring me out a slice of the swiss (didn't return my burger, just peeled off the american), she nodded, but there was a deer in the headlights.

I waited while she took another order, went and got a tea refill, etc. Hubbers had almost finished his burger and I had about half of mine eaten. Asked again for swiss and got a "sorry", but she still got a bill, ran a card and chatted before finally bringing it. Was mostly done with my burger by then.

Hubbers handed her his credit card and she actually looked at him blankly. He had to tell her we wanted her to cash us out.

Finally, as we were getting up to leave after paying the bill, she asked, "Is everything alright over here?"

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  1. I never thought I'd see the day when someone put together a review of Boulevard. I've frequented there many times since I moved into the neighborhood several years ago. I used to think their burgers were pretty good, but that was probably just the 2-for-1 deal talking... or maybe they've just gone downhill. I can't really stand them now. I may try the chicken upgrade if I ever go back. Their daily beer specials are worth a stroll down there every now and then.

    Sorry to hear about your bad service. It's been VERY hit-and-miss for me over the years.

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    1. re: jwynne2000

      That 2 for 1 probably made it a little tastier than it really is :)...To tell the truth I'll take a Culver's double bacon butter burger on sourdough (clean store , fresh ingredients, and prompt courteous folk)over just about anything in town burgerwise ( with the exception of a Hut's Richie Valen's ) ,Dan's would be next..Camino El Camino is right in there for a junky burger. Try the Burger Stop on Mesa ( where Hotdigity dog used to be) they are a 30 yr old chain from Dallas , and it's old school good. Chedder cheese-chili fries mmmmmmmmmmm!

      1. re: Rustcat

        What's the cross street on Mesa where the Burger Stop is? The only thing like that in that area that can find is the Burger House, an old Dallas chain, where the Lucky Dog used to be on Spicewood Springs near Mesa. Might that be what you're thinking of?

        1. re: johnm

          Yeah, I'm sure that's what Rustcat was referring to. I found the burgers on the same level as Whataburger, but considering the alternatives in that area...

          1. re: amysuehere

            yep , it's better than Wally's or Blvd , but far better than What's. I've always found What's dry and too much bun to beef.I was concentrating on the Farwest/Mesa area..Blvd seems dirty to me also.

            1. re: Rustcat

              Blvd has the best burgers by far in the area. I was just a little miffed about the bait and switch.

    2. The burgers here are just ok, though i am not a huge burger fan. One thing i did find surprisingly delicious is there salsa. Its chunky with a good amount of cilantro. A strange place to find such good salsa, i didnt even finish my burger because i was so addicted to the salsa.