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Apr 9, 2007 12:35 PM

Boyfriend's mom's bday dinner

That's a mouthful.

Anyways, I was asked by my beau's dad on a good place to take a group of 12 for dinner in Manhattan. Yeah, I know, yipes. Something that's not wickedly pricey, but you know, in the $$-$$$ menupages area. I can think of 10 places in Brooklyn that would fit the bill, but not Manhattan. Also, I hate touristy places which are the only places I can think of for a party this large. Help!

Much thanks in advance.

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  1. One if by land, two if by sea, is my favorite restaurant in the villiage. IT has a very warm feeling and very romantic, but fun for a large group as well. Service is excellent with a varied menu.Although they will all like this place I bet it can be pricey$$$ and maybe $$$$ on some entrees.This place used to be a stable long long ago and you can tell from the front. Hard to tell it's a restaurant at first, no neon signs,very low key.Looks like a speak easy. Very elegant, hope this works

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      Thanks. I've been there before and it is a gorgeous place. However, one person is footing the bill and for 12 people, the place is pricey. Will keep scratching my head!

        1. re: rockchick

          The food at One if by horrendous and not worth the money.

          What about 'ino?

      1. Any direction on what type of food?

        1. Naples 45. The large pizzas are a good value for a group. And the hungry guests can order their own entrees in addition. Nice decor. Large tables (which is not always easy to get at many places.)

          How about Chinese? Go to Our Place II at 55th Street. They are more elegant than a cheap place but not quite Shun Lee expensive.

          1. If you like family style Italian, try Tony Di Napoli's in the Times Sq area. They food is great, they can accomodate a party of 12 and it is reasonably priced. Better then Carmine's in my opinion.

            1. i second the recommendation for Crispo. they also have a cute semi-private nook area that i believe seats 12. good food, lots of variety and inexpensive.