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Apr 9, 2007 12:21 PM

Microbreweries/brewpubs in Northern CA (North Coast)?

between Eureka and Mendocino - any recs?

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  1. Two of the best in the country are in that area:

    Mendocino Brewing Company
    13351 S. Hwy 101
    Beers include Red Tail Ale, Black Hawk Stout

    North Coast Brewing Company
    444 N. Main St.
    Fort Bragg
    Beers include Old Rasputin, Red Seal

    Hopland is not on the coast, but it's a pretty drive inland. Besides, how can you resist a town named Hopland?

    Oops, sorry, I forgot that Hopland is south of Mendocino. Well, it's still worth the drive if you have the time. Also south a bit is Anderson Valley Brewing, another very good one.

    1. Eureka:
      Lost Coast Brewery
      617 Fourth St.
      (707) 445-4480
      (a favorite!)

      Humboldt Brews
      856 10th Street
      Arcata, CA 95521
      (707) 826-2739

      Eel River Brewing Company
      1777 Alamar Way
      Fortuna, CA
      (707) 725-2739

      1. Thanks! Lost Coast and North Coast look like the best bets to me (as per reviews). One question on this topic: does anybody know what the rules are for bringing beer back on an airplane? Can anything be taken in luggage, and if so, how much?

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        1. re: bennyt

          I fly with beer all the time, in *checked* luggage. I just wrap the bottles in my clothes.

          A friend of mine got a special kind of box for shipping wine, with styrofoam inserts, and he checked that. Said he had no problems.

          Weight will determine if you get charged extra.

          1. re: Josh

            With the new liquid container rules, check in is the only option. If you wrap a bottle in clothes and try to put something as padding between the bottles and the walls of your suitcase you should be fine.

            I would call Mad River (just off the highway North of Eureka) and see if they have any John Barleycorn available. One of my favorite barleywines every year. They are a warehouse brewery though with no tasting room, just retail sales.

        2. I agree w/ Fiddler. Mendocino Brewing Company ( is the best around. Their Red Tail Ale is the bomb. Sit outside at the picnic tables have a burger for lunch with an awning of hops overhead and chill out.
          After leaving there my husband had me on the prowl for hops to grow at home. I found some beautiful Cascade variety that are popping up already this season for the 3rd year.

          sorry to get off track Benny, but the hops in Hopland are addicting as is this bitchin brewery! Happy Travels.

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          1. re: bajalover

            Thank you all for your recommendations. North Coast in Ft. Bragg was great; the tour was not so impressive, but the tenth anniversary bourbon-barrel aged Old Rasputin was worth the trip alone. Lost Coast in Eureka was a huge dissapointment - their 8-ball stout just pales in comparison to the aforementioned beer, and the pub was certainly nothing special. We loved Russian River in Santa Rosa- had an incredible 12-beer sampler for seven bucks (!), and all of their beers are special.

            1. re: bennyt

              You really can't beat Russian River--the beers are near-perfect and so interesting. Bear Republic in Healdsburg is also a good bet. Unfortunately, the Eureka area beers are just not as good, in my opinion. Lost Coast is a nice and cozy place, but the beers just aren't that interesting. Eel River in Fortuna has also been a disappointment.