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Apr 9, 2007 12:15 PM

How do you clean/trim snow peas?

This might seem silly, but I've never gotten how to trim snow peas (I'm making a Pasta Primavera tonight). I know you're supposed to take the stringy part off of one side, but which side is it? Sometimes I've just given up and cut both sides of the snow peas with a sharp knife, but then the snow pea comes apart...

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  1. I use my fingernails on one end to pierce it and then pull so the stringy part comes off.

    1. you pinch off a little from both end, but you peel off from a different side on each end. This way you take care of both side.

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        Maybe I'm lazy but the flatter side doesn't bother me as far as stringiness goes but the rounder does so I leave the flatter side. And the pointy end is fine, too (the part that grew away from the stalk). So I only pinch and pull once.

      2. I start at the big blunt end, nipping off the nose with my fingernails and stripping back along the top. Then I bridge across both top and bottom spines at the pointy end with my thumbnail and give it a good pinch. If there aren't any strings in there, the tip will pinch right off, but often I find that's where the toughest strings are, sometimes top and bottom, and those need to be stripped off. This is the kind of job that used to drive me nuts until I learned to just relax and let it be a kind of meditation; that's a thought that occurred to me last night while I was stringing about a pound of those rascals!

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          Thanks guys!!! : ) I think I have a little better idea how to nip those buggers now--