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Apr 9, 2007 12:03 PM

Coleman Natural beef hot dogs and other meat products?

Anyone tried the hot dogs? I was at a local market that started to carry them and I was really impressed with the ingrediant list. They don't list it online but there were no mystery meat pieces or unidentified ingrediants. It was the least scary frank I've ever seen ingrediant-wise.

The most the website says is

No Antibiotics EVER
No Added Hormones EVER
No Preservatives EVER
No Nitrites EVER
Always 100% Vegetarian Fed

Anyone tried them? They are six bucks for a package.

How about the other products? I've seen these here and there, but never took a close look or tried them.

Coleman Natrual

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  1. Never had their hot dogs, but have tried the apple chicken sausages, which we found to be quite tasty. A bit dry, but good nonetheless.

    1. I try to avoid meat that has been treated with hormones or antibiotics (grass-fed if possible). Coleman has huge distribution, at least around here (western Massachusetts). The nearby Whole Foods and Wild Oats carry Coleman in their meat case. Stop & Shop (the local big grocery chain) used to carry Coleman beef and pork; now they carry their own all-natural brand (Nature's Promise) that I suspect is just Coleman meat with their own label.

      I have tried to do some research on Coleman to find out what their practices are but haven't found anything informative online. I read once that all grain-fed cattle are automatically treated preventively with antibiotics because of the infections that are inevitable once you feed a cow something it can't really digest. But I don't know how Coleman could produce so much meat without using feedlots (and feeding their cattle grain). I'm interested to know if anyone has any information about this company's practices. Are their cattle actually grass-fed?

      Anyway, I haven't tried the hotdogs--I just buy the fresh unprocessed meat and it tastes just fine to me!

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        I just emailed them with your questions and others. Will report back on the answers when they arrive.

      2. OK. I bought these and they are good. The big feature is how juicy they are. There may be a casing, but I micorwave hot dogs so it was hard to tell.

        I would buy these again. They might or might not be tastier than the generic frank. I can't remember the last time I bought a package of hot dogs. I like the ingrediant list and that along with a good taste would sell me on these dogs again. They are salty, but no more so than the cheap dogs.

        Ingrediants: Beef, water. Less than 2 % of the following sea salt, honey, evaporated cane juice, mustard, nutmeg, allspice, ginger, paprika, onion powder, vegetable juice powder. Lactic acid starter culture.

        Not scary at all.

        1. Major uptick in hd's being carried by local grocers. New additions are:

          - coleman
          - niman ranch
          - karl ehlmer
          - hummels

          - first up were hummels, good but would rather have hebew national
          - karl ehlmer - beef franks - best dog i have eaten since Don's in Livingston NJ. Gets a 10+ on the jfood scale. prok combo was a major disappointment. tasted like the taylor ham sandwich i used to eat in NJ
          - Niman - only have the 1/4-pounders and cost was $7 for 4. decided to pass until pool season is in full swing
          - coleman - probably next up to be tested. (I would guess mid- to end of next week since we are college shopping for the next week.)

          It will be VERY tough to beat the Karl Ehlmer all-beef.

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          1. re: jfood

            I tasted these this weekend at our local Costco and were blown away with the taste and the juiciness...absolutely fabulous hot dogs. They come in a three pack, but from what I understand hot dogs freeze well so I will be buying them on my next trip. Probably one of the best I have ever tasted and I have tasted a few in my lifetime.

            1. re: zoniesis

              I also just bought the three pack from Coleman at Costco. I bought them because of the ingredient list and all the things they don't have. I think they have a decent snap, but I did not find the flavor as strong as Hebrew National or Nathan's. I haven't decided if they are going to be our new brand of hot dog, but I have two more packages to figure it out.

          2. Have any of you ever tried Painted HIlls Natural Beef Hot dogs? I think they are by far the best Hot Dogs, much better than Coleman. Painted Hills does not have any anti-biotics, No hormones and a 100% Vegertarian diet too. They also have German sausages and Franks! They have no mystery meat in them - I will never buy another type of hot dog again!!