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Apr 9, 2007 11:48 AM

Asheville Late Night Eating

I'll be headed to Asheville early next month for a show and I'd kind of like to get some food for the road before I head back home to Chapel Hill...Any suggestions for good late night eateries?

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  1. Rosetta's on Lexington Ave is open late on weekends, awesome vegetarian eats. Some of the downtown bars like Barley's and Hannah Flannigan's serve food until 1 am or so.

    What show are you going to?

    1. Usual Suspects on Merrimon Ave serves until 1:30am (closed sunday). The food there is also 100 times better than that at the aforementioned places. Barley's food is weak by asheville standards and Hannah's is typical bar food. Rosetta's is good if you like vegan/vegitarian food and don't mind eating around tons of strange people who don't shower. Charlotte Street Pub serves good standard bar food late, but is incredibly smokey inside. Usual is by far the best late night eatery in town.

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        Rosetta's is good for hearty, casual Vegetarian in downtown and stays open until 3am on Friday and Saturday, making it a great option. I find that eating out inevitably means "eating around tons of strange people" by one definition or another. Often much of the Rosetta's crowd has a hippy/punk vibe, so if that particular type makes you uncomfortable you might be better off eating elsewhere.

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          i wouldn't feel comfortable around any other type of people, thanks for the rec!

        2. re: SixMileDrive

          The drinks at Usual Suspects, however, are horrible. I wish their cocktails would live up to their food. I live right by the palce and never go there, which is a shame because they have a decent patio and good food. However, I like my bars to serve alcohol in their drinks! Theirs just take like water.

        3. i believe 51 grill is open either very late/all night. please note, i am not recommending it. the food is just so-so, but it's within walking distance of the civic center (if that's where your show is).