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Apr 9, 2007 11:43 AM

best roti and jerk chicken?

Hi everyone,

I've been on the hunt for the best roti in town. In terms of jerk chicken, I haven't tried many places but that one Jamaican takeout joint on Sherbrooke in NDG (close to Rocky Fruits) is a hands down favourite of mine. As for roti, I've only ever had mediocre stuff every single time from every single place I've been. Is there good carribean / west indian food to be had in Montreal?

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  1. these guys impressed me: on Victoria--I've only ever had the goat roti (~5$) but it destroyed me for other rotis, these are fresh made and the goat meat was actually pink and tender, gorgeous

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      Curry house is terrible trust me I am west Indian, Montreal doesn't not have the same quality of West Indian Restaurants like Toronto( you can take a chance and try almost any restaurant in T.O) here unfortunately we don't have the same luck. For roti try Tropical which is located on Decarie on the same side as Wendy's just below Queen mary, Jah Mek way which was on Queen mary closed "What a shame the food was awesome best OxTail I ever had"

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        Ever been to that Trini restaurant on Notre-dame and Greene? I think it's called Bon Matin des Caraibes. Haven't been there since World Cup last summer but the roti was pretty good for Montreal.

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          It's amazing how many styles of roti there are out there!

          I thought Tropical closed!! Didn't it used to be next to the Ultramar? That place had good rotis too - very different from what I was used to.

          Carib Curry House is ok.

          When I was around Lasalle often many years ago, there was a place called Turntables at the end of de la Verendrye..and it turns into Airlie? in a strip mall. Great rotis although they never seem to want to serve you.

          Then Ma's for oxtail.

          Jerk Chicken? Toronto.

          Gotta give the other recs a try though!

      2. I've always had great roti at Maison Carib (I'm about 85% sure that's what it's called). On the west side of Parc, just north of Villneuve, with a large yellow sign. It's Guyanan, and they make a great chicken roti with pumpkin in it.

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          My mistake - turns out it's called Caraibe Delite

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            Caraibe Delite report:
            went there for lunch today, had a delicious dal soup (not like indian dal, this is different and honestly more complex in flavours and so yummy) and a wonderful goat roti (the dough is sort of like crepe but a bit thicker). Everything served piping hot, adorable service. Very lovely, but the place was all empty for some reason. Perhaps the construction on Parc? I don't know, but it should have more visitors. Yum.
            * I've had their jerk chicken in the past, it is nice, but I'd recommend a roti over it!

            came to 11.95 taxes included.

            Cuisine Caraibe Delite
            4816 Av Du Parc, Montreal, QC H2V4E6, CA

            1. re: klagirl

              it's always empty - mostly because the ambiance is terrible. i will most often take out from there. I often buy jars of their hot sauce which is stellar.

              1. re: celfie

                with better ambiance (read: lighting), I would eat-in here every week. The food is very delicious, so I do takeout of the roti or jerk chicken every week or two.

                1. re: tigre

                  the food was very bland on my last two visits unfortunately

        2. I've had delicious jerk chicken at Ma's in NDG (next to Burritoville on Sherbrooke West) - I guess that must be the place you went?

          1. Have you tried the roti at El Corridor on St Laurent (South of Pine, East side)? They make great food. and the goat roti is my favorite. But my favorite dish is their oxtail stew (when available). I crave this dish!! The hot sauce is really delicious as well, I have a tendency to drink it straight it is so tasty (with Johnny Cash blazing through my head every minute) (then blazing through my butt the next morning)

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              I'm Guyanese, and the only roti place in Montreal that has even come close to my mom's homemade rotis is Jardin De Cari on 21 Rue Saint-Viateur Ouest between St. Laurent and Clark. Make sure to order it Guyanese style with the bread separate from the curry (you eat it with your hands) and with pumpkin.

            2. I don't know about their roti, but BLUE MOUNTAIN, near cote-saint-catherine metro has a killer jerk chicken.