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Apr 9, 2007 11:29 AM

Baltimore internet/wifi cafes

A post below on wifi cafes in DC got me thinking...I'm always looking for internet cafes in Baltimore, especially those near Mt. Vernon. Here is my list of usual suspects - anything I'm missing? I tend to like larger, sunny places with reliable internet, lots of places to plug in, tables big enough to work on, and yummy food.

Evergreen Cafe - 501 W Coldspring Lane
blueHouse - 1407 Fleet Street
City Cafe - 1000 Cathedral St
One World Cafe - 100 W University Parkway
Gigis - 1005 North Charles St
Kiss Cafe - 2400 Boston St

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  1. XS on N. Charles. Not exactly large and sunny, but they do have good food.

    1. Metropolitan in Fed Hill on Charles Street
      Harvest Table in Locust Point - they close on the early (3pm) side

      1. The Daily Grind, Fells Point: 1722 Thames St

        Koffee Therapy, Mt Vernon/Midtown-ish: 6 E. Franklin St.

        Love Gigi's for when I need it to be quiet, City Cafe is good when you need background noise. Heard good things about Koffee Therapy and blueHouse, which I have yet to try.

        1. Teavolve on Eastern Ave. in Fells Point (I didn't try the food but the tea selection is excellent) and Spoons in Federal Hill, though the food is more serviceable than yummy.

          1. The new Artifact Coffee in Woodberry has amazing joe & an unbelievably fast FiOS connection.