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Apr 9, 2007 11:06 AM

Quick trip - Need advice

We are heading to NO this weekend and will be staying in the French Quarter with no car. We basically have all day Friday (and only Friday) to hang out and walk around. We currently have a lunch reservations at Cochon, but I'm wondering if maybe we should do a more casual lunch so we have adequate time to sightsee. So, my question is, would you still keep the Cochon lunch reservation or go somewhere a bit more casual and quicker in the French Quarter? And, if the latter, what would you recommend? The only other mealtime we have available is Saturday, and we currently have a brunch reservation at Commander's Palace. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Well, since it will be French Quater Fest, I'd just walk around to the food vendors and get a great variety of food from several places. Here is the link for the festival.,18,0,...

    1. Cochon is a great restaurant but it is a hike from the French Quarter. Also, it is busy and is not at all a "quick lunch" place. Round trip-including lunch-expect two hours of your time taken up with the whole process. Instead, get a quick po-boy or something in the French Quarter. Acme Oyster House serves great food and it is quite fast. Redfish Grill has good service and has excellent bbq oysters. These are all right in the French Quarter.

      1. I really like Cafe Pontalba, right on Jackson Square. It's open-air so you can see all the sights in the square. Food is simple - I like the fried oysters and/or po-boys. It's really good for brunch - steak and eggs.

        I also love ACME. The best raw oysters - sit at the counter and watch them shuck 'em! Also good po-boys and red beans and rice.

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          Thanks for the quick replies. Per your advice, we've decided to cancel Cochon and spend more time enjoying the French Quarter. We will make sure to stop at Acme too. Thanks!