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Apr 9, 2007 11:03 AM

Bevmo 5¢ Sale Picks

Hi all, I noticed that Bevmo is having their buy one bottle, get an equal value bottle for 5¢ sale. Any particularly good picks in the $10 range?

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  1. We bought a few wines at the sale and have tried a couple since then. One thing to note about BevMo! sales: sometimes it's cheaper to wait for the wine to go on a regular sale. For the 5-cent sale, BevMo! uses the full retail price and then you buy another bottle for 5-cents. Like, a bottle of Syrah might usually be $9, but retails for $16 so you'd end up paying $16.05 for 2 bottles. In most cases, you still save a few dollars, but it's a good thing to know.

    We liked the Mas de Caralt Rose, I think a Stonehaven Syrah, Pepperwood Syrah... Oh, and a Michael Pozzan Marianna that was $40 (so $20 each) that was pretty nice.

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      EOS Zinfandel. Got 90 points in the Connoisseur's Guide. I believe it's $14.05 for two bottles. If you like big Zins, you can't beat it for $7.00.