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Apr 9, 2007 10:47 AM

Bellevue/Kirkland - Bar Dining

Are there good places to dine while sitting at the bar in the Bellevue/Kirkland Area. We frequently like to sit at the bar and have have a couple of appetizers. Capable and friendly bartender is a plus.

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  1. The Purple Cafe down by the waterfront in Kirkland is a favorite of mine. Good small plates and great wine selection.

    1. In downtown Bellevue, Manzana's bar is almost as large as its restaurant, and there is always ample seating. Ruth Chris's downstairs is all bar seating, and they have good service. McCormick's bar is small and pretty crowded. Joey's bar is big but can get pretty lound and more scene oriented (well, for as much of a scene as there may be in bellevue). All of these places have good happy hour deals... which is the only time I've ever gone.

      (Please note that downtown Bellevue is composed primarily of chain restaurants, and I'm not attesting to the chowhoundiness of these places... merely that they have bars that you can have a meal in.)

      On the Kirkland Strip - Mixtura. Now this is a more chowhoundy place =).