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Apr 9, 2007 10:45 AM

the wine clip - has anyone tried it?

I'm curious to hear about people's experience with this and to see if it works.

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    1. (Must resist urge to quote P. T. Barnum...) The claimed physics is physically impossible and the producer has pointedly ignored all encouragement to have a disinterested third party conduct a rigorous controlled test. What more needs to be said?

      1. If your wine happens to have any ferrous shavings in it, then this might help. Otherwise, it's smoke n' mirrors. It might be interested to see the remuneration that the "testimonial" folk have received, or who the stock holder in the company are.

        A few of the subscribers to the Usenet news group,, tried this, and similar with very, very poor results.

        If you get one, please do a double-blind taste test, and publish the results here.


        1. I just looked at the website and it's hilarious! This is akin to the silly things that audiophiles do to supposedly improve fidelity, such as coloring the edge of a CD with a green marker, or using a special battery-operated clock (such as an old timex fished out of a trash can) to somehow influence the soundwaves in a room to make them sound better. And of course these things are muy expensive to reel in the suckers. I suspect these things are really sold by psychology students writing their PhD thesis.

          1. As soon as I saw that 'lifestyle consultant', Anthony Dias Blue, endorsed this product I started running!