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Apr 9, 2007 10:29 AM

where is the best pho in san diego?

Im looking for a good pho restaurant in San Diego that is also open late. does anyone have any suggestions??

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  1. i believe most "pho" only restaurants close before 10pm, you'll have a chance of one of the "seafood" style vietnamese restaurants that also serve pho for them to be open past 10pm. I know Pho Pasteur on Linda vista is open past 10, and maybe Pho Traung on Convoy (people do not come here for pho, they come for all the other stuff =P )

    you might also want to list where you are located.

    1. I would check out KirkK's blog...its amazing and has all you ever wanted to know and more about pho!

      1. dont u just love this site???
        find any good stuff?

        1. I love Pho Hoacali on Black Mountain Road.

          1. Well, I dunno about "best" pho in San Diego, but my favorite open-late pho-serving Vietnamese restaurant is Saigon Restaurant on El Cajon Blvd. in City Heights (NOT to be confused with "Saigon on 5th" on University in Hillcrest!) -- open till 10pm Sun-Thurs, 11pm Fri-Sat. It has a huge menu, but pho is featured prominently in the front.

            Other favorites that I suspect aren't open so late, but I include anyway for whatever it may be worth:

            Ca Dao -- also on El Cajon Blvd, further east than Saigon, shares parking lot with World Foods Supermarket

            Convoy Noodle House -- on Convoy, logically. :-)

            Haven't eaten in Pho Pasteur for a long time, but I recall liking it too.