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Apr 9, 2007 10:28 AM

Manhattan Fondue

Looking for a fondue place in the city that I can take my teenage kids to. I have heard of DIPs but it has received mixed reviews. Not looking to travel to NJ. Can anyone suggest a place in Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens?

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  1. La Bonne Soupe is a cozy warm place with fantastic fondue.

    1. Dip is mediocre. I'd suggest Artisanal. While it's an adult atmosphere, I've seen preteens there on a Saturday night, so your children should feel comfortable.

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      1. re: Lucia

        DIP has a chocolate fondue that the kids will love!! They get brownies, marshmellows and assorted fruits.

        1. re: princeofpork

          DIP is more of a scene for twentysomethings and the fondue is sort of secondary. I'd stick with Artisinal or La Bonne Soupe.

          1. re: JennS

            I agree with the La Bonne Soupe suggestion. Both the cheese and the chocolate fondue are excellent. Also, there are excellent other alternatives if someone does not feel like fondue, such as crêpes (my personal recommendations are La Paysanne and La Fermière) and a killer french onion soup.

            1. re: Weeone

              Dip doesnt even allow children so forget it.

      2. We tried Kashkaval (a little place in the back of a food shop...56th and 9th, if I remember correctly) about a year ago, and really enjoyed it. The cheddar and ale fondue was a bit salty, but good (there were a few choices for cheese fondues). Chocolate fondue was rich and served with a ton of fresh fruit. It was also extremely reasonably priced.

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          Jack Bistro on University & 11th St. has cheese fondue on the menu and is fine for families. They have a great choucroute also. You're not limited to fondue here.

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            I second's great. Only one problem--there's always a wait unless you go in the middle of the day on a weekday.

          2. Artisanal is probably not what you are looking for (and I was not impressed by the fondues there).
            I would recommend swizz, its a fun space with delavega on the walls and the fondue is great.
            La bonne soupe does good fondue but the atmosphere is a bit older. If you are looking for other than cheese fondue and/or a more swiss menu-Mont Blanc is also good, but again the decor isn't as funky as swizz (i'm thinking of the teenage kids here).
            and all of these are on manhattan

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              make it at home. its a fun night for the kids. and the fondue will be good. SWIZZ was maybe the worst restaurant i ate in 2007. The place is nice on the first floor. The fondue was abjectly vile. Artisinal i thought was disappointing. La Fondue - now closed - nailed it. I yearn for a place that puts out a great fondue. Cheese Cellar does not do this, although they try very hard.

            2. I would absolutely recommend La Bonne Soup. It's the best fondue I've had in the city. Plus, it's not terribly expensive. The salads are big enough to share before cheese fondue and the chocolate fondue for desert is a MUST!

              I'm also a big fan of their sangria. :-)