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Apr 9, 2007 10:22 AM

Silver Spoon on Roncesvalles, brief notes

App: "braised four onion soup with truffle oil, crouton and vacherin mont d'or foam". Decent, but basically tasted of onion and salt and was slightly grainy. Not a bad soup, but not a $7 soup either.

Entre: "Beretta farms organic rib-eye, sauce poivrade, organic vegetables and frites". To me, rib-eye is an unusual choice for a steak-frites and the cut I received was very disapointing: thin, overly marbled and had an unpleasantly old aftertaste. Definately past its prime. I asked the waiter about the cut and he told me the kitchen uses "only organic" meat which varied from animal to animal and yes it probably wasn't "what I was used to."

My date had the elk sirloin which was quite wondeful but came with a rather pathetically rendered rostii.

(side note: what's the deal with Roncesvalles restaurant names? Boho? Silver Spoon? Fat Cat? Is this the Simpsons?)

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  1. Don't forget the most Simpson-esque one of all, the (thankfully) now defunct Tipsy McStagger's!