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Chilean Sea Bass

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I'm looking for a restaurant with good chilean sea bass. Hopefully some place near River North/Lincoln Park area and somewhat romantic looking restaurant... I really liked the way Boka looked but I wanted to try some other restaurants. I liked the Nick's Fishmarket food... and hopefully I'll find some place that looks like Boka but food like Nick's Fishmarket... any suggestions??

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  1. Most of the places with really good seafood change their menu frequently, so you should probably call ahead to make sure that they have seabass on the menu that night.

    Catch 35 (Wacker and State) has very good Chilean Sea Bass. It is MUCH bigger than BOKA, and tends to get a lot of corporate types, so I wouldn't call it a romantic atmosphere, but it is a pretty space.

    Kevin (Hubbard b/w State and Dearborn) sometimes has seabass on the menu. Kevin has a much more romantic atmosphere than Catch 35 and the food is very good, but it very expensive for the quality of food. If you go there, don't skip dessert. Their desserts are outstanding.

    1. Folks-

      We have removed a number of replies in this thread that go to whether or not Chiliean Sea Bass is on the endangered species list, and endangered species issues in general. All of that discussion is out of scope for this board, which purpose is, the discussion about where to find great chow in the Chicago area.


      1. whatevers. back to the fish.

        this is nowhere LP/River North. nor is it anywhere NEAR romantic... BUT!

        KS Seafood in Chinatown does a great impresssion of a Taiwanese dish: soybean encrusted C. sea bass.

        2163 S China Place
        Chicago, IL, 60616
        (312) 842-1238

        1. I really like Chilean sea bass. One place where I had it recently, grilled to perfection, was Lupita's in Evanston (also not on the near north side - sorry!). SuzMiCo's advice on checking specials is excellent (as usual!); for example, Lupita's only has it as one of their weekly specials, so you would need to call ahead or check their website to see if they have it (they're pretty good about keeping their website updated with the specials each week). www.lupitasmexicanrestaurant.com

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          1. Nohana on Broadway near Barry Avenue serves Teriyaki steamed Sea Bass. It melts in your mouth...amazing!

            1. sushi samba actually has a very yummy chillean sea bass does asian/latin fusion style.