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Apr 9, 2007 09:58 AM

Soft Shell crab po'boys a la Uglesich's

There are very few foods that would compell me to fly to another city just for the sole purpose of eating that particular foodstuff (reference: Calvin Trillin). The soft shell crab po-boy at Uglesich's was one of those gems. I still dream about this fine product. Unfortunately, Uglesich's seems to have closed its doors. Any places that compare?

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  1. I never had a softshell poboy at Ugly's. Was it just a regular ol' fried softshell on french bread? 'Cause the Galley on Metairie Road has a good one, among many others around town. You can also get a fried softshell on pan bread (a pullman loaf sliced horizontally & toasted) at Casamento's. Not a poboy, technically, but still a very good sandwich.

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      Yes it was "just a regular ol'fried softshell on french bread". But it was so much more.... (just like everything there). The crab tasted insanely fresh (no hint of chemicals/preservatives that I usually taste when eating softshell crab) and perfectly fried. The bread was not the important part. I will definitely try your other suggestions, thanks!

      1. re: moh

        Wow--chemicals & preservatives in a softshell? They're possibly the least-processed seafood you could order. Typically, a softshell is either fresh (sometimes even alive) when delivered to a restaurant, or it is simply frozen, whole. The kitchen does the cleaning (removing lungs, gastric sac, backflap). No solutions, no superchilled brine (IQF shrimp), no fancy stuff. Another reason to eat a softshell at Casamento's: fried in lard. Yeah, that's doing it right.

        1. re: Hungry Celeste

          I grew up with the galley, and understand they are the measuring stick for soft shell crab po-boys; however, for my money Casamento's is the best soft shell on bread in town.

          Clancy's, Dick and Jenny's and Jacquesimo's have terrific soft shell dishes.

    2. I loved eating there when I visited New Orleans once. Before Katrina I saw him on Emeril and they were pushing his cookbook but I've never seen it in the bookstores. Maybe you can find it on Amazon or something.

      1. I drooled, just reading your headline!
        YUMMMMY!. I miss a po'boy at Uglesich's too :(