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Apr 9, 2007 09:54 AM

Daisy May's BBQ Party?

We're thinking of having a group of friends for one of the special meals they make and would like to hear from anyone who's experienced it. Good? Best things to have? Too uncomfortable? Fun? We haven't been there so need info.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. we had a group going to the whole pig thing and ultimately i wasn't able to make it so this is secondhand - the feedback was not encouraging: expensive, not great, too much food - and this is from a pig-loving crowd

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        I completely disagree with nuxvomica and since I have done it myself you are hearing it first hand. We had 17 of us and did the whole pig, about 4 extra sides and 3 orders of ribs. Total came to $50 per person and that included tip. It is BYOB so if you are a drinking crowd as we were it is very fun. You have the entire back room to yourselves, we brought tons of beer, wine and vodka with all the mixers. We also brought a huge birthday cake. Everyone loved the food and the presentation was awesome. This is the most fun birthday you will have in a while.

        1. It's called the Big Pig Gig. A search for Big Pig Gig will yield some good results, including mine from last September.
          Summary of my review: the pig wins on presentation, but the whole shoulders are tastier. Sides are a bit of a waste of time, and make sure to put on double-gloves and an apron. That piggy is hot.

          1. I'm thinkinag bout doing this for my wedding rehearsal dinner. All of my folks from the midwest will be like "BBQ in New York City?" Any rec's on what sides are the best? We're looking at a group of about 40 people. Would a whole pig and a shoulder be enough?

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              The whole pig will feed 20-25 comfortably. I heard the rack of lamb is awesome. I would go with that and the whole pig, a few orders of ribs too!!

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                We had 8 people and got a half pig. We all ate as much as we could and then took home leftovers, enough for 2-3 meals each.

                We had a great time. We brought tons of good wine. It was very tasty, although not life changingly so.

                I would do it again with the right crowd. What I mean is you actually pull meat off of the carcass of the animal. It's messy and not really for the squeemish. Fun for a birthday...for a wedding rehearsal...not so sure.

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                  the best sides are the baked beans, the corn and the spinach. the corn bread is disappointing; the squash is good but not great; the mashed potatoes are good but tend to be cold; the cole slaw is good but not great.

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                    Daisy Mays freakin' rules. All of the sides are absolutely awesome.