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Apr 9, 2007 09:52 AM

Udupi Palace

I used to love this place but hadn't been for awhile. Went yesterday and, boy , was I disappointed. Not sure if it has really gone down hill or if it was me (and my husband). It's true that I've branched out a lot in the last few years. I eat at Indique, Passage to India, Handii and others. Maybe my taste has changed but the food wasn't hot - in temperature or in spices, and was just plain boring. Any similar experiences? Thanks.

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  1. It is one of my favorite places and I know what you mean. I have found it to be a little erratic lately. Were you there for the lunch buffet or dinner? My favorite time to take new people is the weekend brunch buffet because they get to try a little of everything plus a dosa.

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      Didn't go for the buffet because I always feel that buffets aren't as good as ordering off the menu. Maybe I was wrong....

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. If you feel like a weekend jaunt, head over to Saravana Palace in Fairfax, VA - the Jaipur Paneer Dosa rivals any other dosa place in the DC area! Go early...the place gets packed!