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Apr 9, 2007 09:51 AM

Barefoot Contessa Mixes

Saturday, I was at my local upscale gorcery store and saw Barefoot Contessa dessert mixes. I am not sure if I should be sad that she "sold out" or thrilled by the possibility that they could be yummy short-cuts in the kitchen. Has anyone tried any of these?

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  1. I haven't purchased them myself but I've tasted the finished product. I was at a book signing at Crate and Barrel in Chicago last December. We lined up pretty early and they served samples of her cookies and brownies. They were actually very good, but they did have a store bought quality to them. To me they didn't taste home made. Although the shortbread cookie was scrumptious.

    By the way, Ina was charming!

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      Thanks. So it sounds like they would be a good option when I am short on time... I am glad to hear that Ina was charming. She seems like the kind of person you would want as a neighbor.

      1. re: adewaal

        I made the Barefoot Contessa pecan shortbread last week. Just add two sticks of butter and bake. Absolutely delicious. They are expensive when you consider the ingredients, but very, very tasty.

    2. these are close to $10 a pop for the most basic cookie mix; they are flour, sugar, salt and leavening. You add all the fresh ingredients, so you still have to measure and add all the messy stuff. Don't think that's too much of a time saver.

      Her food products are put up by Stonewall Kitchen, which has a good rep, but I would think these mixes have the best purpose as hostess gifts for someone who doesn't cook or bake, rather than timesavers for someone who scratch bakes already.

      I had the sugar cookies at a party, they were ok but not fabulous.