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Apr 9, 2007 09:47 AM

Konnichiwa's Noodles

I've heard that the soba/noodles at Konnichiwa (on baldwin) are worth trying. I will be going downtown just to try it this coming weekend and is wondering which will be the better option -- Udon or Ramen? I prefer the chewy-type udon and most of the ones I tried in past restaurants are rather bland without texture... Can anyone give me some recommendations?

PS. are the rolls at Konnichiwa worth ordering at all?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. their noodles are so so, I've only been once and found the broth to be rather anemic.

    A better udon option would be tokyo kitchen on charles e, or ematei, or even miyabi in Richmond Hill.

    The best ramen in the city is kenzo ramen. They have two locations, original is near yonge & steeles, south of Centrepoint mall.

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    1. re: aser

      I read pretty good reviews about konnichiwa's ramen so i went and tried it, but was utterly disappointed. Kenzo Ramen is not any better. Tokyo Grill used to have good ramen but the other day I went and it was disgusting. I have pretty much given up on finding good ramen noodles in Toronto... I miss the delicious ramen I had in Osaka =(

      1. re: jmeeee

        I've not had ramen in Japan so I don't know what it's supposed to be like, but recently had the ramen at Tokyo Kitchen, and the noodles were like all stuck together, and it had a floury texture. Didn't like it. Now the broth was much better than the one at Konnichiwa, which had a layer of hot oil floating on top, which clung to my throat even after the meal was over. However I liked the ramen at Konnichiwa, which is like a fresh version of the instant noodles. If I can have Konnichiwa's noodles in Tokyo Kitchen's broth, I'd be quite happy!

        1. re: Teep

          unfortunatley, toronto is just not a ramen city. We also lack a proper izakaya and a yakitori, a real shame.

          Kenzo satisfies the craving, if you steer away from the koreanized spicy offerings. Stick w/ the tonkotsu. Toronto could certainly use an improvement.

          teep: depending on the ramen you got, a layer of oil on top is common. Ramen is certainly not the healthiest of meals to begin with.

          not ramen but Ematei's nabeyaki udon is one of the best I've had in the city.

        2. re: jmeeee

          Hi jmeeee,

          I understand your feeling. It is like I miss the delicious peking duck I had in Peking. Oh well.

          Too bad Kenzo is already one of the best in Toronto with a very small population of Japanese in TO.

          1. re: jmeeee

            What in particular did you dislike about Tokyo Grill's ramen last time you were there? I'm far from a ramen pro (my knowledge of and experience with Japanese food is pretty small), but I've always really enjoyed theirs.

        3. the rolls at Konnichiwa are definitely worth it! they are tasty and full of nice fresh fish.