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Apr 9, 2007 09:42 AM

Back Bay Bakeries

I will be in town for the marathon next weekend and looking for bakery recommendations in the Bay Back area where we're staying. Specifically looking for dense, chewy, rich cookies and brownies, as well as hearty, grainy scones and breads. Thx!

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  1. The area is Back Bay and there aren't a ton of bakeries in the immeidate area. Some decent scones at Espresso Royale on Newbury St. around Gloucester. Okay cookies at the bakery in the Prudential food court. On Columbus Ave. a short walk away is Nashoba Bakery, I'm not huge on them. Chains Dunkin Donuts and Finagle a Bagle have pretty good cookies.

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      Not really a bakery, but in the Prudential Center food court there is a place called Paradise Bakery which is more of a salad/sandwich place but they have really good chocolate chip cookies.

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        Opps, sorry about the Back Bay typo. Willing to travel outside the immediate area for yummy goods. Thanks for your suggestions.

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          If you had some time, I'd take the Orange Line from Back Bay Station to Green St. and go to Canto 6. I really think it's the best bakery in Boston. Great almond and choc/almond croissants. Wonderful scones, always an interesting array of flavors. Good stuff. A 15 min walk will get you to Flour Bakery on Washington St. in the south end which is slightly more conducive to sitting around. Clearflour in Allston/Brookline is good too but zero places to sit there, if that matters.

    2. I'm a big fan of Japponaise (sp?) on Beacon St, right by the Brookline/Boston border. They make a delicious brownie and fantastic bread, though it is fluffier than your hearty, grainy request. Its right along the marathon route, so you'll still keep an eye on the runners, and you'll get a different view of the marathon than you would at the finish line in Back Bay (the view from this location is sure to include hundreds of enthusiastic, sloppy drunk BU students, myself possibly included). It's a pretty unique place blending a french bakery with some Japanese elements, and would make a very nice walk from the back bay on marathon day. Theres also a pretty tasty french bakery on the other side of Beacon. Note- if you go on race day, you may want to go on the early end since its hard to cross beacon once all the runners make it to that point.

      1. Right on the Back Bay line, but technically in the South End, is Appleton Bakery.

        Although I agree with the other posters that you can do better outside of the immediate area, I actually think Appleton makes some pretty decent baked goods, including some very good cookies.

        If you have a little more time, I'd suggest you venture a bit further into the South End and check out South End Buttery or the ever-popular Flour.

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          Totally agree on Flour, do NOT agree on South End Buttery, sorry. Flour is probably the best bakery in Boston, definitely worth the trip.

        2. Truly Jurg's in Kenmore at the Commonwealth is a great bakery. They might be a little bit more gourmet than what you are looking for, but you should stop by there and check it out anyway!! The food is SO good!

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            It's Truly Jorg's. Or actually, Truly Jörg's.

          2. Clear Flour Bakery is my fave bakery in the area. Best croissants in town that I've come across (or should I say the only croissants that I'll voluntarily eat, having been spoiled by a few trips to Paris, having been disappointed by Cafe Vanille, Cafe Japonaise and a variety of other places). French style baguettes that are also pretty close to authentic Parisian style. Really good scones and sweets, though cookies and brownies are variably present. (However there is typically some other sort of evil concoction available, so you won't suffer for there not being a cookie there!) <>

            To get directions, you can use a nifty site called HopStop <> which will show you how to use public transport to get there (the B line on the Green Line is your best bet).