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Talula's Table - Tasting Menu

I've been following David McDuff's food blog and recently read about the wonderful meal he shared with friends at Talula's Table in Kennett Square http://mcduffwine.blogspot.com/2007/0... I'd LOVE to be a part of a dining experience like that, but I don't have too many friends willing to spend $85 per person (plus the cost of the wine we bring).

Any CHers interested in creating a special evening at Talula's Table?

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  1. I know this post is from about 6 months ago, but after reading the review Craig LeBan had in last Sunday's paper, wondering if anynoe is now interested? This sounds like a great evening but like the prior poster, don't have the group willing to spend the money.

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      I'd be interested in going....

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        I'm still interested, too. Just know that after tax & tip, the tab is about $105. And that doesn't include the cost of wine that we'd bring ourselves.

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          I understand that the total cost would be what you said. Still interesed in going if we can find another couple.

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            We a fortyish couple and would love to give this a try.

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              My e mail address is FayeD1@AOL.com. I don't check it every day but will try and check later today since I will be out of touch on Sunday and Monday. I will check availability, but other than a Fri. or Sun (with a holiday Mon.) may not work for us.

      2. I recommend planning far in advance - I know that they're booked for 2007 and have only weeknights available for 2008!

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          What the heck did they fill up after the inquirer article??

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            Well, the place only accommodates 10 people for one seating per night, so it fills up fast..

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              Even when I first checked this out several months ago, there was a wait of a couple of months for a weekend evening.

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              I'll stop in tomorrow and talk with Aimee. I believe they can accommodate up to 12 for dinner.

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                I sent you a separate note on this so count me in. I will wait to hear from you.

            3. I realize it may seem like a teaser at this point but I managed to sneak in for a peak at the current Autumn tasting menu a few days ago. You can find a write-up and photos of the meal at:


              The table does seat anywhere between 8-12. It's booked solid into Spring 2008 so act fast if you want to get in before summer returns....

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                I'll tell you this, Dave, you sure know how to hurt a girl! You must have some friends in high places.

                I chatted with Aimee for a bit today and, as the "rumor mill" has reported, Talula's Table is solidly booked through June. In fact, they've stopped taking reservations for now, and will open their reservation book again after New Years to accept reservations for summer/fall/holidays 2008. So maybe we'll have a fall menu after all, only it won't be for THIS fall. By the way, I'm counting on having you do the wine pairing for this event.

                I did add my name to Aimee's list and she promises to call me when Talula's begins to accept new reservations. So for those of you who have contacted me or posted here to express an interest in this dinner, be patient -- good things are worth waiting for.

              2. Hello all,
                Reviving the Talula's thread seems to have become my purview. I had the chance to stop in recently to check out their current tasting menu. Full details and photos can be found at:


                The reservation books will open again soon for dates in the second half of 2008; details can be found at the end of the story via the above link.

                1. It seems this thread is about due for a kick-start, so here it is. I ventured out to TT for a look at their new Early Summer menu recently.

                  Snapper Crudo, Cucumber, Olive Oil, Exotic Pepper
                  With its light, crisp and refreshing interplay of textures, the first dish of the night highlighted Sikora's gift for crafting beautiful expressions of seasonality. Watermelon radish, watermelon gelée and citrus accents brought a shower of summer flavors to play.

                  Summer Squash Tart, Buttery Lobster, Lobster Emulsion and Fennel Jam
                  Another perfect expression of the season. The simplicity of squash played off against rich, tender morsels of butter infused lobster, while a jam of diced, braised fennel brought out the best in both. Piquant and rich, yet still light on its feet.

                  Organic Local Mushroom and Goat Cheese Papusa "Authentique," Wild Epazote and Sweet Corn
                  Smoked whiteheat and bell peppers brought an unexpected, haunting finishing flavor to the soulful earthiness of local mushrooms, all grounded by the starchy sweetness of fresh corn.

                  Warm Tartine of Smoked Alaskan Sable, Whipped Turnip and Chorizo Oil
                  A much more subtle dish than the description had me thinking; again, it's all about interplay, discourse and depth of flavor. The smokiness of the chorizo and sable were brought to earth by a creamy purée of turnip and potato.

                  Barbecued Squab, Creamy Squab Risotto, Quick Pickle Summer Vegetable Salad
                  One of the most memorable dishes of the night, the squab's gamy flavor profile was offset by spice imbued during a slow turn at the barbecue. Bryan's risotto is always a treat. This version was enriched with cheddar and squab broth, with palate refreshing zing provided by the bright snap of quick-pickled kohlrabi and carrots.

                  Beef Tortellini, Early Girl Tomato Sauce, Fried Eggplant
                  Even with hearty ingredients, the kitchen always seems to deliver delicacy and a light touch. There was amazing depth of flavor here, with the braising liquid from the beef shortribs added to enrich the tomato sauce, which was in turn brightened by oregano and basil fresh from Aimee and Bryan's garden.

                  World of Cheese... Seven Countries, Seven Tastes, Talula's Charcuterie and Condiments
                  Dinner is never complete without a sampling from the cheese monger's case. Aimee and her staff have cultivated close relationships with some of the best small dairies and specialty distributors in both the neighborhood and across the country. The selection for the evening included: Old Kentucky Tomme from Indiana's Capriole Farm; Tomme Crayeuse (Savoie, France); Comté (from the Swiss side of the border); Manchego (La Mancha, Spain); Testun al Barolo (Piedmont, Italy); Isle of Mull Cheddar (Scotland); and Stitchelton, a raw milk blue in the style of Stilton (England).

                  Vanilla Crepe Terrine, White Chocolate Granite and Cherry Coulis
                  The dessert course was ethereal, even after all that preceded it. Truffles from West Chester chocolatier Éclat put the finishing touch on a great meal.

                  If you'd like to see/read more, there are photos of most of these goodies plus some additional background information at: http://mcduffwine.blogspot.com/2008/0...

                  The wine pairings for the night can also be found at: http://mcduffwine.blogspot.com/2008/0...

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                  1. re: David McDuff

                    I've about given up trying to score a table; I think I'm just not organized enough to plan a year out, and, unlike SOME people, I don't possess a golden key that assures me a place at the dinner table. That said, I often stop in to TT to take advantage of their extraordinary cheese and charcuterie offerings, which, paired with the right wines, have become meals unto themselves.