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Apr 9, 2007 09:17 AM

Wings in south Etobicoke?

Apologies for making yet another wing thread, but there are so many to wade through and very few are recent...

I'm looking for a good wing joint for a group of about 10 to go to on Friday night. It's a goodbye party for a co-worker, so we don't want a place that's too noisy for conversation.

I was thinking The Office up at Bloor and Islington, but I heard their wings are no longer as good as they were "back in the day".

Any other suggestions?



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  1. Hollywood on the Queensway. Their wings are excellent. Some of the best I've ever had.

    Edit: Check their website carefully. Despite their great wings, one annoyance is that they hold a lot of events throughout the week (Q107, oldies night, etc live bands...). This can sometimes make for a bit of a noisy night out.

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    1. re: Brain of J

      Hey Brain, where on the Queensway is it near??? Do tell..good wings are hard to find..

        1. re: Davedigger

          Thanks Dave..We'll check it out next time we're out that way to go to the movies lol..Thanks again!!

      1. re: Brain of J

        Hollywood wings are so dry, they are lightweight.

        Also avoid Wingporium.

        Blue Goose wings are okay if you can withstand the self-serve styrofoam plate travesty.

      2. I have been on a real wing kick recently, and have started to do some serious research into finding TO's best wings - I started in my neck of the woods, and recently posted the following:

        "I've been craving wings the last couple of days, and decided that today I would take my sweetie for a little excursion to find what we hoped would be some of the best wings in the west end, based on positive reviews from Chowhound (as well as one recommendation from a friend).

        Sloppy Joe's
        3527 Lake Shore Boulevard West
        The wings, at about $9 for 10 (wings specials on Tuesday and Thursday), were good value, as they were absolutely massive and meaty wings. The sauce was decent. That was all that was good about the wings. Before being fried and sauced, they had been breaded in something that tasted suspiciously like generic Italian seasoned bread crumbs. With a dominant bitter chemical flavour, these wings were not good.

        1900 Lakeshore Road West (Clarkson Village)
        The wings have been reviewed very positively on the Chowhound boards, and I have to say, I was disappointed. I should clarify something, however - I ordered the wings from all the restaurants to be medium, and straight off of the menu, without asking for them to be prepared in any special way, unless the waitstaff suggested it. This would allow me to be more objective in my criticism. The wings at Rubicon come battered and fried, unless you ask for them to be prepared "original style", or grilled. As the waitress did not suggest either preparation, they came battered. Other people swear by their many other sauces, so, if properly selected, they may be awesome. The wings were large, crispy and meaty. Not bad so far. However, the batter tasted underseasoned, and the sauce was far, far too sweet. Yet again, not a winner.

        Clarkson Pump and Patio
        1744 Lakeshore Road West, Mississauga (just down the road from Rubicon).
        Several recommendations for their wings can be found on the Chowhound boards, and we received an additional recommendation for them from a close friend. These wings, while definitely the best of the three we tried today, were far from perfect. First of all, they were tiny. At $8 for 10 wings, we thought they were a bargain, until they arrived at the table. They are very small. However, the sauce was good, and, having them grilled after being fried and sauced (as recommended by our server) made a big difference, giving them a nice smoky charred flavour.

        To conclude, I have most certainly not yet found wings in the west end that, by any stretch of the imagination, could be called Toronto's best. While Duff's seems to get most people's votes on these boards, I am not convinced. My search continues...."

        I have yet to try Hollywood, but I have heard good things about their wings....

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        1. re: redearth

          Thanks for that redearth. You've convinced me that Sloppy Joe's isn't the place to go, but the other 2 are outside of the area.

          1. re: Davedigger

            Quite a few people on these boards seem to like the Sloppy Joe's wings a lot - I didn't care for the breading, but you might like them - they are gigantic.

        2. I highly recommend Sloppy Joe's on lakeshore.........The wings are huge, and definitely not dry! Tues and Thurs is wing nite and they are .40 each. Also pretty much everything else on the menu is good...recommend the greek salad(so much feta), the nachos, and the burgers......

          1. Bryden's (Bloor and Jane) might be too east of your desired location... but I dream about the Maple Whiskey wings.


            1. Wingporium on Islington. Their wings are very good. I would recommend the sweet inferno.

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              1. re: blackmamba88

                This is the first positive review I've heard for the place... I've lived 5 minutes away from Wingporium for years, but after reading so many terrible reviews, I've never stepped foot inside the place. Tell me why you think their wings are so good...