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Apr 9, 2007 09:11 AM

Good Place for CRAB LEGS near Bradenton/Sarasota?

We are leaving for Bradenton this Saturday for a week & really really want to go to a nice tried & true place that has great crab legs - either snow crab or king. We usually go to Shells in Sarasota, but was wondering if anyone knows of another place.
Thanks in advance!!!

PS: NEW to the boards here - and I LOVE IT! It is a guilty pleasure of mine already!

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  1. Anna Maria Oyster Bar has several locations in the Sarasota/Bradenton/Ellenton area, with king crab on the menu and sometimes on special. Their lobster bisque is extraordinary. The Crab Trap has them at two locations in Palmetto and Ellenton, across the Manatee river from Bradenton.
    King and snow crab are of course not from Florida; have you tried stone crabs, which are one of Florida's delicacies? The season ends this Sunday, so get 'em while they're cold!

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      Never been the Anna Maria, but will definitely try it. Also, I love lobster bisque. I have never had stone crab. I am googling it now.
      Thanks for replying, Veggo!!

      1. re: happiegoluckme

        I goofed. The stone crab season runs through May 15. Enjoy!