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Apr 9, 2007 09:03 AM

Any updates on Bermuda ? Especially local Bermudian specialties?

Can it be that the last mention of Bermuda is over 6 months old?!

Next week, I'll be in Bermuda on a port stop (King's Wharf) -- at 4pm on a weekday, for 24 hours.

I'm looking for local "authentic" Bermudian specialties, preferably patronized by locals. (I suppose I'm willing to put up with other tourists too, if necessary!)

I think I'm willing to go anywhere within reason on the island for good chow!
Any price range, from bare bones to very nice, is fine.

Are there any updates over the last year?
Anything new, favorites, or general chow tips?

Thanks, hounds!

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  1. You'll be a "the Dockyard". Take the (lovely) walk over to just inside the gates---to Freeport. This restaurant is popular with the locals, who mainly take away their meals from here. MUCH better than the other pubs/restaurants at that end of the island. Be sure to start with the Bermudian fish chowder, adding some Black Seal rum and and sherry pepper sauce (they'll be brought in small carafes to your table). This is probably the most "traditional" food you'll find on Bermuda. Each place has it's own take on it, and Freeport's is delicious. Then, be sure to have some seafood---I'm especially fond of their fish cakes. Other good choices are the fish & chips, catch of the day, and the curried rockfish. Not the fanciest place on Bermuda, but the food is great. They're open for lunch and dinner. There is some outdoor seating. Here's their website:

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      It's hard to find a bowl of real Bermuda fish chowder these days, you might have to go all the way to the Black Horse in St David's – where you'll also find fish sandwiches and if you're lucky, shark hash. I agre with Anne, there's not much happening at Dockyard in the way of restaurants. Traditional Bermuda food is pretty basic - codfish cakes made with salt cod, chicken, macaroni and cheese, peas and rice. There a supermarket in Devonshire, Lindos, where they serve up variations on this theme every day for takeout.

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        Yup. You could walk to my house from Lindos in Devonshire, lol.

        I wouldn't recommend going to Lindos just for lunch, however if you need to get groceries and want to pick some BDA food from the deli, you could get it there.

    2. Take a fast ferry ride into town (Hamilton). For Yummy sushi, try the Harbourfront. Their special sauce is addictive. (Across the street from the ferry terminal).

      For authentic local fast food, go to Mr. Chicken on Queen Street. (Two blocks up from the ferry terminal), just past KFC. They have fresh fish sandwiches, shrimp, swiss and mushroom burgers, cheeseteaks, ice-cream, shakes, authentic peas-n-rice, and macaroni and cheese, desserts, and of course, yummy CHICKEN!!! YUMMY!!!

      The LobsterPot is good for fresh seafood.

      Portofino is good Italian food.

      All of these places are within a few blocks of the ferry terminal in town.

      If you want to eat in Dockyard, definitely try the Frog and Onion. Happy Eating!!!

      1. Go to Fat Man's Cafe for fish cakes. There will be NO tourists there, as it's a little dive near a soccer field just of the #11 (I think) bus route. But the best fish cakes on the island (IMHO). Most any cabbie or bus driver will know it.



        Fat Man's Cafe
        1 Track Side Lane, Devonshire
        Tel: 292-0361

        1. Anne, Athena, ddysgal, KOK - Thanks for all the updates/tips!
          Will report back on where we end up (towards the end of May when we return).
          Much thanks, -R-

          1. Update / Regrets -- not going to Bermuda:

            Unfortunately, our ship will need to miss the stop in Bermuda, due to a big storm (gale force winds, etc.) [The ship is now changing course and we'll be stopping in the Azores later this week, instead.] -- So, we'll need to save the Bermuda info for another time.

            Thanks again for all your help, hounds!

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              Azorean foodways have been woven into Bermuda's as people from those islands starting coming here in the 1850s - look out for salt cod (bacalau) cakes, divine little custard tarts and much more.

              1. re: Athena

                Thank you Athena -- will look forward to sampling the bacalao and the custard tarts for sure!

                1. re: Athena

                  Where may I buy those tarts?? Is there a local bakery I have missed?