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I'm searching for a new place to go when tapas are the order of the evening. I've been to Las Ramblas, Tia Pol, and Divine Bar West, and they've all been good times. Can anyone add to this list?

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  1. I love Flor de Sol in TriBeCa. I think it's on Greenwich St. close to Harrison. Great tapas. The chorizo and pollo con ajillo (sp?) are my favorites. Also, the sangria is dynamite. It helps ease all the food down very nicely.

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      awesome, i'll look into it. thanks!

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        2nd. had a very nice experience there - outdoor tables are always a plus. it does get crowded with the Citigroup suits on weekdays, not sure if that bothers you.

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          Hate to say it but I found Floe de Sol to be TERRIBLE. The food was way below average. My local diner in CT has better fare. A Very disappointing experience.

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            We ate at Flor de Sol for the first time last week. Our +/- experience:

            +Decor (red wall, drapes, candles, banquets with pillows, etc.)
            +Live music

            - tapas served all at once and got cold (escargot and ?)
            -we were seated in row of tables next to bar (to be fair we didn't have a reservation, those in the know appear to ONLY sit at the row of tables against the wall), not much room between the bar and this row of tables
            -service was slow (we like relaxed service but having to ask for bread, not clearing plates, etc. is something else), not enough servers per table/a server out or maybe it was just an off night

            We might return just for drinks and live music.

        2. Casa Mono is the most interesting in my opinion. There's also Pipa, Boqueria, Xunta, Tintol to stay on the more spanish style tapas. If you like small plates in general, Degustation (only 14 seats around an open kitchen) is one of the most fun, interesting, and tasty dining experiences in the city and it has the most heavenly croquetas. and Stanton Social has interesting takes on favorites from various cuisines---great french onion soup dumplings (imagine the best part of the soup in one bite---gooey cheese covered bread bites moistened with onion soup), great mini-snapper tacos, fun mini donut plate with caramel and chocolate dipping sauces.

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            great suggestions and I would also like to add Alta on 10th and 6th avenue.

          2. Degustation is definitely the best of the crops IMO.
            I love Boqueria which is very similar to Tia Pol in terms of food. Alta is more down to earth, and their dishes are more "straigthforward" without being bland. Both are my tapa favorites in NYC.

            1. Try Solera on E. 53rd at (I think) Third Avenue. Nice bar in front for tapas, full menu seating in back and upstairs. Great selection of Spanish wine and sherry by the glass, good selection of tapas. Nothing stunningly exotic, but interesting selections competently prepared.

              1. Have you checked out Bobby Flay's BoLo on E. 22nd? Although the entire menu is not tapas, it is an excellent restaurant. I know that he does not get a lot of praise on this board, but having eaten at all of his restaurants, i must say that bolo is probably the best. It might be a bit pricey, but if money is not an object then definitely give it a try!

                1. Pintxos is my favorite, as far as food. As far as the comfort of the chairs and atmosphere, it could improve. But the food is the best tapas I've had in NYC.

                  As far as tapas like plates that are not Spanish, I like Bellavitae, which is Italian but serves food the same way. The food and atmospehre is excellent. Aspen is American food served tapas style, and it's got a trendy atmosphere and pretty good food, but among the three is the worst value.

                  1. Bar Carrera on 2nd Ave. and 11th St. is cute, good and cheap. They have a delicious coke and red wine drink.

                    Casa Mono on Irving Place is not super Spanish but it's really good. They also have a cheaper sibling next door at Bar Jamon.


                    1. Another vote for Solera.

                      1. Boqueria is my favorite... great tapas that are both traditional and innovative. Beer sangria is amazing.

                        1. There's Xunta....Not as nice as most tapas restaurants, but good.
                          Lower east side...first aveneue around 5th/6th

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                            Is Alta good for a big group (around 14) . . . it was on my short list for a birthday dinner next friday night.

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                              I would avoid Xunta

                              The food was on the border of horrible. Spicy potatoes dish consisted of those frozen McCormicks potato pieces with tobasco sauce. White asparagus dish consisted of canned asparagus. Just wanted to leave after seeing those dishes.

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                                I LOVE Xunta! It is definitely my go to place for a fun night out with decent tapas - and it doesn't break the bank. If you can, make a reservation for a front table, order up some sangria and don't miss the spicy potatos, garlic shrimp, and calamari.

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                                  I went to Xunta for a friend's birthday and it really was terrible, as well as overpriced. Not for the first time did I miss being in DC next door to Jaleo, where I could have gotten a much better meal for about the same price.

                                  Some of the tapas that should have been hot were only lukewarm, and they were absolutely flavorless.

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                                    I love Jaleo in DC!

                                    We like Alta, food is good and it has a killer sangria.

                                2. Ostia on 7th Ave South just above Christopher is quite good.
                                  Last night had excellent tortilla, pistou (sort of a cross between caponata and ratatouille), and delicious artichoke hearts under some cheese.

                                  1. Has anyone been to Azafran lately? They used to have a delicious date and shrimp tapa. It was also a good place to have dinner alone at the bar. I haven't been there in ages. Is it overpriced (on Warren in TriBeCa)?

                                    1. I would second Pinxtos (spring) for the Basque experience and a lovely small-scale atmosphere. Their Spicy Chorizo is one of my all-time favorites. 1492 (clinton) in the east village is a great place, though NOT the friendliest service. A very festive atmosphere. And some delicious tapas. My favorite is the stuffed dates (very decadent). Tapeo 29 has a great thinly sliced beef dish. And 'ñ' (crosby) is a cute tiny place that doesn't have THE best tapas, but a great atmoshpere.

                                        1. I love N on Crosby...delicious sangria. Cash only, last I checked, might have changed.