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Apr 9, 2007 08:24 AM

What to do with leftover leg of lamb?

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do with my leftover lamb? I have about four pounds that I roasted.


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  1. If it's rare, make a lamb salad with Spring greens, feta or goat cheese, toasted pine nuts maybe artichoke hearts or palm hearts or sun dried tomatoes & a sun dried tomato dressing - yumm!!

    1. This thread I started a while back has some good ideas. My lamb/barley soup turned out great (better the next day!)

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        hubby and I made a lamb/barley soup also, with our left over roast leg of lamb, and it was great for dinner last night and my lunch today!

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          Oooh, I'm liking that idea better than shepherd's pie - Susan, could you post the recipe you use? I love beef barley soup; lamb barley soup sounds just as good!

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            well, maybe I took too much credit there: actually, all I did was send hubby the idea, from what I had read here on CH, (because he also loves barley soup) and he did all the cooking...but quite simple: what he said he did was just take the 'mushroom and barley soup' recipe from the latest addition of Joy of Cooking, and add cut up pieces of the lamb leg (and no beef, though I assume he used whatever type of beef broth it calls for).

      2. Make gyros with a yogurt sauce (drained yogurt, chopped cucumber, garlic, mint, oregano and S&P), tomatoes, feta cheese, red onions and warmed pitas

        1. I plan on making a Shepard's Pie with my leftover lamb. Figure I would mix the lamb and the gravy I made together, add some vegetables and top with a mix of mashed potatoes and turnip. Yum.

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            Ditto - I had a small boneless rolled lamb roast, and while a few slices went home with a family member, the rest will be made into a Shepherd's Pie later in the week with peas, carrots, gravy and freshly made mashed potatoes to top it.

          2. I always find the problem with left over lamb is that is gets that fatty texture and flavour all over it. Lamb is one of the few things I really try not to leave left over. Putting it into a curry/shepards pie/soup would be the prefered option.

            Actually its funny I have 5 lamb cutlets packed to munch on much for never having left overs! - but I can already taste the fat on them!

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              I had a half leg of lamb for dinner yesterday
              I generously rub my lamb all over with olive oil, rosemary, thyme, about 6 cloves of mince garlic, and salt and pepper. I mix all of this in a large bowl and rub the mix all over the lamb. I have an absolutely marvelous round skillet that I got from QVC several years ago and use it constantly. While I am getting the mix into the lamb I get that pan screaming hot and brown every bit of that roast for about 3 minutes on all sides and ends. My oven is heated to 375° and the lamb goes right in in that same pot. I let it roast for about 1/12 hours (we like our pinkish) but you can let it roast as long as you want. After adding the water I gave it another half hour, took it out and let it rest on the carving board. Put the pan back on the stove and just kept stirring the liquid til it was really hot and bubble. Poured it into a fat filtering measuring cup and got a good 3 cups of the meat juice. Haven't been thickening the gravy like I used to as we like the flavor or the juice with all the spices better than thick gravy.

              Now for the best part. I took all the meat off the bone today and sliced it today. There is no greasy feeling nor fat to be had, Most of the fat is on the outside and browning it to the nth degree takes care of most of that. Had mashed potatoes and honey roasted acorn squash on the side and, of course yummy garlic bread.