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Apr 9, 2007 08:20 AM

Queens Peruvian for lunch

Going out for ceviche again.

El Sol or Inti Raymi? Or maybe another great place.
Looking for what's currently the best Peruvuan ceviche. Gotta get me some Leche de tigre.
And do either of these places have Rotissorie chicken?

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  1. Went to Inti Raymi recently for dinner and I thought the ceviche was great, tho I didn't like anything else we got. Other follks on this board seem to think Inti Raymi hasn't been good in years, though. Inti does not have rotisserie chicken as far as I know.

    1. We went to Inti Raymi for ceviche mixto and a cilantro, rice & fish soup. Soup was very nice. The ceviche was very clean and fresh tasting. The shot of leche de tigre was a bit salty and not enough heat or lime. Still a good attempt.

      Then we went to La casa del pollo peruano 2 blocks away on Roosevelt for chicken and fried yukka. Chicken was moist and tasty but the skin was soft and not crisp. Green sauce was very nice but no spice.

      Honesty the two places make for a nice combo because of their locations but just walking around you see so many places to eat that there are probably many other great places right in the area.

      I do recommend both but still looking for the best Peruvian ceviche and rotissori chicken around.

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        El Sol's leche de tigre is surely very limey and great ceviche. No rotisserie chicken, but everything I tried from the menu besides ceviche was great (I've had fish stew, seafood stew, cornish hen and tacu tacu). Besides ceviche, the most popular item on the menu seems to be fried squid (or mixed seafood),