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Apr 9, 2007 08:18 AM

San Jose Restaurant for College Graduation?

Need a restaurant for a college graduation dinner for our 3d and final adult son from San Jose State on Saturday, 5/26 in the San Jose area. Am experienced Bay Area foodie, but always stump when it's for large party of 18-20 people and holding down cost, about $30 per person, wide open for American, Italian, Chinese, etc, no restrictions. Considering Bella Mia, Il Fornaio, Dynasty (Chinese) on Story Rd. Looking for food and value, not care much about atmosphere or service since you can't eat them. Thanks in advance for your recommendations. I'm well aware of the SJ downtown restaurants near SJSU, 1st Street etc, but need fresh inputs and ideas.

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  1. I'd pick Dynasty, pretty good Chinese food. Only went once yrs ago but enjoyed it.

    1. When I graduated, I had my lunch at Thai Pepper. But I only had 15 people. It's in Campbell.
      You might want to try Krung Thai as well. I have had many a birthday lunch/dinners there. They can section off an area for you. I've had 20+ people with no problems. We usually don't spend more than $20 per person.

      There are good places in Willow Glen. John's Xlnt comes to mind.

      Taiwan Restaurant