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Apr 9, 2007 08:04 AM

what to do with slightly overcooked mushy beans?

They are a little salty but have a really good flavor. They are some sort of pink/pinto bean.

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  1. I've made nice quesedillas with beans and feta, and maybe some chopped up jalepenos. If they are salty you may want to use a less salty cheese than feta; anything would work.

    1. Process, add chopped onion and tomato (w/seeds removed), fry = refried beans

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      1. re: Sam Fujisaka

        Beans are great fiber. Mash some up and wrap with a warm tortilla, or add some to scrambled eggs and ham, a little ranch style breakfast!

      2. make a quick low sodium broth, add the beans and perhaps some tomato sauce, cook some more. Soup! Toss in some cooked pastina and a handful of fresh parsley.....

        1. Puree with some onion and garlic and cilantro. Combine with some salsa and you'll have a nice dip or spread.

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          1. re: C. Hamster

            I second C.Hamster's suggestion and make bean dip. Those are almost the exact ingredients I would have suggested.

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              You could also do it as a warm bean dip, in which case I'd melt in a bit of shredded cheese, like colby or pepperjack.

          2. Authentic Mexican Refried Beans;
            Heat up 4-5 or more tablespoons of corn oil in a non-stick fry pan until slightly smoking and add some diced jalapeno and onion and cook briefly until softened but not burned. Next add beans with the liquid and then let beans come to a boil. Boil out some of the liquid and then begin mashing with a potato masher. Ready to serve! They are delicious over nachos with Mexican cheese, tomato's, green onions, etc, or with scrambled eggs and salsa and corn tortillas.

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