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Apr 9, 2007 07:46 AM

Easter Bread? [Moved from Italy board]

Who Knows the correct spelling of the Easter Bread my family from the Naples area calls "Gazadil" (phonetic spelling)? This bread has meat baked into it with whole eggs on top that get baked with the bread. I can provide a more detail description if necessary. I have a feeling that my spelling is way off. I'd also like to know any history if available.
Thanks in Advance,

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  1. It is casatiello in proper Italian. The phonetic spelling you give reflects the local dialect, and I'm not sure whether there's a written form. I don't know any specific history, exc that it's native to Campania, but to me it "reads" like this: the bits of meat, which are cracklings in the traditional version, would be because in springtime people use up the last of the cured pork before summer (hence fave and guanciale in Rome), while the eggs, an extravagance would be used in such quantity only because the dish is for a feast day. But I repeat, I really don't know, exc it's good. I had it first in Naples at this time of year, and I saw it on sale at Volpetti in Rome the other day, but both times without the eggs, but I've seen that version in pictures.

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      Casatiello is one of the many variations of 'Pani di Pasqua" enjoyed at this time of the year. I'm not sure of its history but would suggest that the ingredients used to make it are all the things that were NOT eaten since 'Carnevale' and during Lent, hence it really is a bread with which to celebrate the Resurrection!

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        The big pizzeria (I think its called Forum) on Via San Giovanni Laterani in the block just down from the Colosseum is run by neapolitans and proudly makes this stuff which they called Easter Bread- its very good - at least they were offering it when we were lstaying in the neighborhood a couple of years ago.

      2. Thanks to all for your prompt and interesting answers. We have been making this bread at Easter in my family for several generations. Now my daughter has learned and is overseen by my mother and wife. I know it's not very heart healthy, but a family tradition we look forward to each year. It's delicious!! I wish I could share it with you all. Again, many thanks and kindest regards,