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Apr 9, 2007 07:35 AM

Good Fork

Finally got around to eating there and, although it was fine, I cant see anything to recommend it to anyone not in the immediate area. A nice room (the back outdoor area will probably be nice when the weather warms up), friendly owners & a decent menu with some unusual touches. The service was a little spacey and, although he got everything right (eventually), we were never sure he would. I'd recommend the dumplings and the mussels to anyone who goes. Not that you cant get better, bigger and more inexpensive fresh dumplings on Eldridge St, but these were 5 very credible pot stickers (for $6). The mussels, in a light kifir lime and coconut broth (that had a little kick... a good one), were very clean, very plump and very tasty. The scallion/shrimp pancakes were more like my mom's potato pancakes with shrimp and scallions then they were like the Chinese ones... not that this was a bad thing ($5 as a side dish). The entrees were, unfortunately, okay but uninspired. My chicken was quite thick and juicy and the mashed potatoes were fine, but the preparation added nothing to the solid material used. Ginny's duck breast was more interesting, sitting on some soba noodles, but the duck was again just okay (good meat) while the noodles added the only punch to the plate. Our nephew's steak and eggs were, well, steak and eggs and my sister in law's ravioli was tasty but similarly without any pizzazz. The desserts were good enough.

Overall, we had a nice enough meal but it just didnt inspire us. I'd hoped for more.

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  1. that 'more' can be had at 360...for less money.

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      I fully agree. Although my last 360 meal was sort of mediocre (they're entitled to 1 out of 40 I guess), Good Fork will not be challenging it for "best of neighborhood" any time soon.

    2. Went to the Good Fork on friday and had a similar experience.

      The service was fine and the food was fine, but we spent the whole time wishing we'd gone to 360 instead. The flavor combinations and ingredients were just missing that extra level of interestingness and sophistication that separates the good from the really good.

      I had the seared scallops and the tagliatelle with the spicy pork ragout. Both very competent, but neither was outstanding. My husband also had the steak and eggs, purportedly korean-style, and he commented on how completely ordinary it was.

      On the plus side, they have a nice selection of white wines by the glass. We had the Txakoli and the Gruner Veltliner -- both great on a hot day.

      Overall I'd say this is a solid neighborhood joint if you're in the area, but definitely not a destination spot.

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        i have to totally disagree. my boyfriend had to stop by in brooklyn to drop something off so we decided to try a new restaurant. i did a bit of research in the new 2008 zagat and came up with the good fork. they got a 26 in the zagat and i think it is totally founded. read on chowhound that entrees were not their strong point, so we shared 4 apps and an entree. we got the fried oysters (the best fried oyster dish i have ever had), the beets, the scallops and the dumplings. i thought the dumplings were perfectly made, i dare almost say better than my mother's. the scallops were perfectly cooked, but did not necessarily stand out. the beet salad was fun and different from other preparations i've had. i liked the honey element and the ricotta salata.

        for our entree we shared the pappardelle. the sauce was great, and the noodles were perfectly done. i loved the herbed ricotta. we shared the special dessert, which was chocolate bread pudding. we also had drinks (red hook cooler was great, the blood orange margarita was so so), and some beers. the whole cost of the meal with tax and tip was only $107 which i consider a total steal for that quality of food.

        the table next to us got all the entrees we were interested in trying and they looked great. we are very excited to go back, so we made a res for this sunday to go back with my mother. i'm not sure how to get there w/o a car, and how much of a pain it is, but i have already raved about this restaurant to many of my friends that live in manhattan. perhaps you went on an off night? or their

        i found the menu to be a nice fresh change from the usual carbon copy menu that i see over and over in manhattan. maybe apps are their strong point? i thought the fish and steak looked good at the table next to us.

        1. re: jungirl

          And just to clarify this old thread, 360 is now closed, right?

          1. re: scooter

            Shuttered and closed indeed. Has anyone else had any recent positive experiences at The Good Fork? I love the space, and the menu certainly has potential, but I've never sampled anything truly memorable during my visits. I still recommend it without pause to friends looking for something refreshing around BK Heights/Cobble Hill, but I just need a gentle push before I'm willing to trek out there again myself.

            jungirl, tell us how Sunday shakes out?

            1. re: CalJack

              Went to the Good Fork about a week ago for the first time, and I really enjoyed it. We got the dumplings, scallion pancakes, and scallops to start. I thought the dumplings were really good, nice and delicate, and I loved the scallion pancakes and scallops. Got the steak and eggs with kimchee rice for my main dish and loved it. It's not usually my type of thing, I loved the combination of juicy skirt steak and fried egg. Went with a group of 5 people, sat in the back room, and had a really great time. Service and atmosphere were both friendly and laid back. Looking forward to returning.


              1. re: CalJack

                I was there last weekend and really enjoyed it. The steak w/kimchee rice was luscious (although I wish the rice had been spicer). I thought it was better quality food than equivalent places on 5th Ave or Smith St for a lot cheaper. With a car it's fun to go to Red Hook but I understand the schlep factor by public transport. But I still recommend it.

              2. re: scooter

                i heard the owner took off for a trip around the world