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Apr 9, 2007 06:36 AM

Dishwasher recommendation - large capacity

What dishwasher do you recommend? We have a family of five, and would love a larger capacity dishwasher, although they all seem roughly the same size. We rented a beach house this past summer, and their GE dishwasher seemed larger than most. Is that possible? Has anyone had a good experience with Miele or ACS? How is their repair track record? Warranty service? Performance?

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  1. I'm on my 2nd Miele dw and can't recommend them highly enough. Had the 1st one for almost 25 years with one service call (can't even remember for what). Gorgeous design, fabulous engineering, ultra quiet, cleans dishes perfectly to a sparkling glow, the drawers are intelligently thought out and very adjustable (I love the tall spike for vases & use it more than I ever imagined for tall pitchers, containers and even squeeze bottles) service (if you ever need it) is superb, the third tier for flatware/utensils was their invention and is nothing short of brilliant (altho in the beginning, I kept forgetting it was there & wondering where all my flatware went...LOL)...

    Simply cannot recomment the dw & the company highly enough. In fact, I'm such a satisfied customer that when it came time to replace my Dacor oven/cooktop, I purchased the Miele equivalents and have been equally pleased...

    Really, the best of the best...at least IMO...& worth every cent....

    1. We are also a family of 5 and i have 2 Miele dishwashers. I run them both every day (although 1 primarily washes baby bottles on the top section only). When we remodeled our kitchen last year, everyone I spoke to said that if they had the space, they'd add a second dishwasher. My kitchen designer insisted I look at Miele. The woman at the appliance place had one and swore by it as well. The catch is the service-- I also have a Miele washer and dryer (not really suitable for a family of 5 but my only option when we did our remodel) -- we live in los angeles, a few blocks from Beverly Hills and there are not a lot of service techs. I had a problem with my clothes washer that I was ultimately able to fix myself but Miele told me it would take a full 7 days to get someone out to my house. I haven't had a problem with either of my dishwashers in the 18 months we've been using them but I might do a bit more research into the availability of service techs if you live in an area that is less metropolitan because I might be concerned about the wait for service in that case.