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Apr 9, 2007 06:23 AM

Oven Recommendations?

We are redesigning our kitchen. I have picked out a cooktop and want to have a double wall oven. Am not sure whether to go gas or electric -- what are the advantages/disadvantages. More importantly, do you have a great oven to recommend? Thanks.

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  1. IMHO gas ovens have no real advantages, other than when you buy an all gas stove.

    Electric ovens heat up faster, maintain a more uniform temperature, work better with convection, are easier to clean et cetera.

    I think that most of the high end lines of ovens are HIDEOUSLY overpriced -- there just is very little to justify the premium that most companies try to charge. I strongly recommend investigating the actaul dimensions of the various ovens -- some makers have a lot more room inside than others.

    I also would suggest given careful consideration to where in the the kitchen the oven is going to be installed. I can't tell you how many ovens I have seen that create a dangerous bottleneck, especially when the door is open.

    I would investigate the various side opening ovens, as well giving some serious consideration to the new generation of "multi mode" ovens that combine steam, convection, radiant and microwave. I think this will be a standard within 3 years.

    1. As someone who suffered with an electric stove/oven for 18 years of apartment ownership I am so happy to have a Frigidaire 5 burner gas stove, and convection oven. I find electric ovens do not distribute the heat evenly, and have a hot spot up near the coils on the top of the oven making them terrible for cooking roasts. The gas burners on the stove top also distribute the heat more evenly in my opinion.

      I had the option when building my house in regards to gas or electric for the stove, and I went with gas, it was a no-brainer for me.

      1. use gas for cooktops and electric for ovens. Do not pay for premium brands they break early and the companies don't tend to stand behind them (Wolf e.g.). Check the size carefully. I have toured million dollar homes that have ovens you could barely fit a chicken in to roast. Many ovens are wide but lack depth--cant fit some pans in my wolf-have to use two ovens and put the pans in sideways --this makes no sense --makes it hard to cook for a large dinner party for instance.