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Apr 9, 2007 05:21 AM

Going to Houston (Galleria area) Where to eat?

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good place to eat (preferably not a chain) for dinner? Open to any type of food, but would like to not spend a ton of money.

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  1. Grand Lux Cafe is a possibility. It's an glitzy, over-decorated, yet interesting (reminds us of Las Vegas) place on Westheimer across from the Galleria. They have a dessert bar, alcohol bar (you can eat and smoke in there) and large dining room. Their menu offers a broad range and some of the entres portions are very large. Some are priced well, some are high - just depends on what you want to get. They also have 2-3 desserts (applie pie, etc.) that you order at the beginning and then it bakes "just for you" while you eat the rest of your meal. If you're a Chili's or Olive Garden kind of person, then you'll find this a fun, different experience. If you're looking for cuisine instead of atmosphere, then you'll probably find this place just so-so.

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      Grand Lux Cafe is still a chain, and it's pretty much an overpriced version of Cheesecake Factory.

      Within the area, I'd suggest Alexander the Great Greek, Cafe Annie or Ginza. America's isn't too bad either, but yeah, it's a chain.

      All in all though, I advise venturing out of the Galleria area if you want to avoid a chain. Most of what I could advise would be Asian food (Vietnamese or Japanese), so would you be interested in that?

      Also, here's a few past threads...
      Had to share this link too, you can just search through the Galleria area and adjust by cuisine type.

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        Americas is not a chain. It is part of a local restaurant group though.

        Maryz mediterranean on Richmond has great baba ganoush, hummus, kibbi, grape leaves etc.

    2. For nearby and not too expensive, I'd recommend Mint Cafe on Sage. It's good, basic Lebanese food & very friendly people.
      Also, Sage 400 Sushi is in the same strip center and can havce some of the best sushi in town, though the music may be a bit loud. It's not cheap but not ridiculous either.
      Americas is a nice recommendation and, as has already been stated, is not actually part of a chain, though the food can be very similar to what is sevred at some of the group's other locations.

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        If you have not tried Maryz then you need to do give it a try. I like much more than Mint. Don't get me wrong, miint was tasty but Maryz is one of my favorites.

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          Bistro Moderne serves very good contempary French Bistro fair in Hotel Derek (corner of Westeimer and 610) and is not a chain (though is affiliated with the Le Colonial restaurants). One of Houston's most noteworthy restaurants is very close to the Galleria -- Cafe Annie - serving excellent (though expensive) Southwestern food.
          Uptown Sushi (in Uptown Park) serves pretty decent sushi. For good BBQ (though not as good as the original from what I hear) there is Luling City Market on Richmond.

      2. I love Indian food. But since Bombay Palace on Westheimer is gone, I now go to Indias. It is a little further, but still pretty good.

        1. Cafe Lilli-lebanese food, family run. good prices, lovely food. Have the coffee. Down westheimer a bit, just after the James Coney Island at Bering, on the left.

          Beck's Prime. Decent food, AMAZING patio. one of the oldest oak trees in the county shades the patio, and the weather should be amazing today. It's next door to the library down Westheimer near chimney rock / fountain view, on your right.

          Kenny&Ziggy's - wonderful food, decent prices. The desserts should feed all of you off 1 piece. Heard that the eclair was amazing. It's a foot long. In the same parkign lot as the Container Store, down Post Oak, to the right.

          1. There are soooo many choices in the Galleria area that will fit anyone's taste and criteria, and especially local favorites that are not anywhere else. In Uptown Park, you have Uptown Sushi, which is not only fun but has amazing sushi; there is Andre's, which is like a cafe/patisserie but they do fantastic meals and hot food; and there in Uptown Park as well is Arturo's - great Italian but not cheap. Also in the Galleria area is Bayou City Seafood on Richmond and they are great for seafood and cajun fare. Then you have Ouisie's Table on San Felipe, which is a Houston favorite, and finally I like the Post Oak Grill if you want something that has a wide variety and something for everyone - casual and comfortable and there is a lot to do right around the area.