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Apr 9, 2007 04:02 AM

Restaurants in University City

Darn! My post's title was dumped. Here's the post:
I'm taking my son to Drexel's accepted student day in Philly next weekend. Since he'll probably end up there next year I'd like to introduce him to the neighborhood. I lived there 20 years ago so I'm not completely clueless but I am aware that some things have changed. I'd like to take him to one casual student hangout-type place one night and something a little nicer another. He's not a big fan of asian food but anything else would be ok. BTW his favorite restaurant in Philly is Tangerine.
Also, any breakfast places in the neighborhood? Thanks.

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    1. re: njerin

      I also went to school in Philly so I know it well. In University City, White Dog is Great! (Especially like their Nachos off the bar menu and they also have a nice brunch) Best Brunch is RX on 43rd and Spruce. Also, if your son likes Tangerine, Pod is another Stephen Starr restaurant--sushi on a conveyer belt and fun atmosphere. I know you said no asian, but it is sort of fusion so not super asian. For casual college student type place, you might want to try New Deck Tavern. Another breakfast favorite that is a college hangout is Izzy and Zoe's---awesome chocolate banana bread pudding and jewish specialties.

      Outside of University City, Django is a must try and would be great for your "on the nicer side" dinner. If you like smaller restaurants: For Seafood, Little Fish is great; For French, Pif; Chloe is also delicious but more of a date place. For a more casual meal, Monk's Beer Bar (about 400 beers available) has the best mussels and belgian fries and great food too. If too crowded, I'd recommend stepping next door to Black Sheep--great pub with great food. For Italian, Melograno (northern Italian) is delicious. Fork has great New American.

      I could go on forever...I live in NYC now, but I firmly believe that dining in philly is often more enjoyable than in NY. I would love to hear where you ended up going and how you and your son liked it!

      1. re: Aiceegray

        Definitely go to Marigold's kitchen

      2. re: njerin

        MadMex - ok for college students when they've been drinking all night - not good enough otherwise

        White Dog - completely inconsistent food, expensive for what it is but nice atmosphere

        Penne - overpriced pasta

        Cereality - if you like cereal, and mixing it, then go. otherwise have breakfast at Rx.

        I would reccomend Nan, Marigold, Pod.

        1. re: saturninus

          I think Mad4's food is great... but the service is among the worst I've ever experienced. Try their ... it has a weird name, I want to say Funghi taquitos -- they're really good. But they might be called something slightly different :)

      3. Skip Izzy and Zoe's...the people who work there are so rude. Instead, head next door to Greek Lady (delicious grilled chicken...I still dream about it.

        Continental could be a good place to take your son. Not a super expensive restaurant, but good food and fun atmosphere.

        Whatever you do, avoid Marathon Grill.

        1. Thanks everyone. After looking at menus on web sites, I decided that Penne would best suit his tastes. I have to agree with Saturninus. It was just ok. Nice decor and atmosphere, lovely hostess, good (not great food), fair service. At a restaurant of this caliber I would expect the waitress to list the specials without being asked, have the kitchen split a salad on two plates when it is shared, and refill coffee.
          Because of the weather, we ate breakfast closer to our hotel. I would love to try RX sometime.

          I will refer to your other great suggestions when we return to this fantastic town. Thanks again.