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Apr 9, 2007 12:26 AM

BBQ in Alameda ... and other meaty topic (Scalise & Mariani's) ???

OK, so a rumor about Portuguese food in Alameda (which I could not find) led to some possibly interesting stuff.

1. Everette & Jones supposedly just opened in Alameda

In the plaza at the corner of Atlantic and Main, right before you hit the Alameda Point entrance plaza and next to a donut shop ... that's all I know.

Anyone know about this or been there yet?

2. Great American BBQ

Ok, a known and reported (favorably) place. Here's a recent link

3. J's BBQ

I don't have an address only that it is Alameda directly under a flight path of the Oakland Airport, they serve American BBQ & Korean short ribs. There's no way to be tactful about this, but I read about this one on Yelp. Could they have the name wrong and given the Korean reference ... could it be ... ?
Su Won BBQ
1319 Park St
Alameda, CA 94501
(510) 337-1700

I mean does this ring a bell with anyone and match the description?

As long as we are talking meat ... any info about this place in Alameda?

Scalise Meat and Deli
(510) 522-4848
3211 Encinal Ave Ste B
Alameda, California 94501

From a Best of 2003 in the East Bay Express

" ... an Alameda institution since 1935. The fifty-foot-long case is packed with ... beef, lamb, natural chicken, seafood, and deli products, plus harder-to-find items such as quail, rabbit, and duckling. The "Papa Scalise" brand sausage and pasta sauce are made on the premises using family recipes from the homeland of Calabria, Italy ... These are men who know their meat, and over-the-counter advice flows freely"

Asena, an Alameda restaurant serves their meat

Don't know if the website is temporarily down or not, but here it is.

I guess Scalise also has a catering service. What's the word?

Edit: Oh wait ... I just found a 2002 post ... in Google

Ok, as long as I'm in Alameda here and talking meat ... one more and I'll leave eveyone alone ...

Mariani's Meats
1202 Chestnut
Alameda, CA
(510) 523-7481

The picture on their webpage is kind of cute and in addition to " juicy pork chops, delectable baby-back ribs ... succulent rib-eye steaks ... sumptuous pork loins ... lavish rib roasts ... luscious homemade Italian sausages" ... They "roast beef and chicken every day for hot take-out and our deli case is filled with delights for your palate.:"

Their slogan: "You can beat our prices, but you can't beat our MEAT"

So ... how are they?

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  1. I have not heard about an E&J opening in Alameda. Seems odd since Jack London is so close but I'll keep my eyes open. I have been to Great American to buy brisket to go. It was good but I never see more than one table when I drive by (daily on High Street) and am suspicious of bbq places that don't have anough customers to move the meat. Maybe they do tons of off site events that keeps product fresh.

    Scalisies does have good meat and high prices to match. They have a great marinated tritip (but a nice one will set you back in the high teens at the register) good Italian sausage and nice rosemary chicken which oddly enough seems to be reasonably priced. Their prepared items always look like they have been there for more than hours, maybe days! Their hours are even more limited than Encinal Market and must have an agreement with the store that they carry the only meat so when they are closed you are pretty much limited to bologna. Last summer they had grills set up in the parking lot weekend afternoons for tri tips, chicken and sausage. I have never been to Mariani's but I like the slogan.

    I can't help with the Portuguese place but there is a place on (Encinal? Central?) between High and Park called Muffins,Muffins and Beans or something similar that sells bakery items and coffee in the morning and at night may serve Portugease food, maybe Phillipino. Next to a beauty parlor. Sorry I'm not more help.

    1. Scalisies is an funky place. they do have great quality meat, but along with the high price the staff all seem to have a real attitude that they must only sell the largest piece of meat and nothing else. Ask for one pound you'll get closer to two and only buy one item (or a small amount) and you'll get looked down upon.

      Baron's meat is probblay as expensive (maybe even more so) but it's an easier experience in my opinion!

      1. By the entrance to the base next to the donut shop ... hmmmm ... I know that corner, there has been a grungy little lunch place there for ages (burgers and sandwiches, plus steamtable Filiino). Maybe they took that over.

        Mariani's is nothing special -- they don't have a very big selection and sometimes the stuff in there looks pretty tired. Since I live across the street from Baron's, I don't bother with Scalise's.

        There used to be a sit-down Portuguese restaurant in the bowling alley at South Shore, but it's long gone:the location didn't attract a restaurant-going crowd and the bowlers weren't interested in that kind of dining.

        Cookies, Cookies, Muffins and Beans morphed into a Filipino place several months ago, although they still do coffee/muffins in the morning, as far as I know. I think the coffee crowd in that neighborhood has moved down the street to Crossroads at the corner of High and Encinal. Since my sister moved a couple of months ago I don't get down to that end of town very often.

        If J's is the place I'm thinking of, it's not in Alameda -- it's in Oakland (on the other side of the airport) on Doolittle. It's on one of the routes I use taking my dog to the park, but I've never stopped in there. There's a similar place (Korean BBQ and American food) on Marina in San Leandro as well.

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        1. re: Ruth Lafler

          I love that the coffee place at Encinal & High took over the 19th Hole bar and although they changed their name on the sides of the light box sign to Crosstown Coffee, the front panel still has a martini glass!

          1. re: foodfan

            Hee! I never noticed that. Even funnier, doesn't it belong to a church group that opened it with the goal of providing a wholesome place for teens and families to hang out?

            1. re: Ruth Lafler

              It does, which you are right, makes it even funnier! Every time I drive by I think, I can't be the only one that notices that...

              1. re: Ruth Lafler

                They're not owned by a church or anything, just a group of people from some church opened it as a non-profit cafe and community center. Great coffee by the way. I asked about the sign. They laughed and said they chose to keep it as homage to the history of the place.

                1. re: Ruth Lafler

                  It does indeed have ties to the Christian Reformed church down the street on Encinal. My father (retired architect and church member) was in on the initial planning stages, but the PTB took advantage of Dad's genorisity one too many times and he bowed out of his share of ownership.

                  Before my dad died, my brother lived with him just up the street and can verify if a new donut place went in. If it's where I think it is, it's between High and Broadway.

                  1. re: mitzimarmle

                    I think you may be confusing or combining a couple of different places in Alameda. Crosstown is not-for-profit and has no owners/shareholders nor does it sell donuts. The architect was indeed generous and very supportive although not on the board.

                    In response to the original post, yes there is an Everett & Jones BBQ near the main entrance to Alameda Point (next to Pin Donuts). And a Filipino restaurant at Muffins, Muffins, Cookies & Beans on Encinal between High and Broadway. Asena has terrific Mediterranean food. By the way, there are now 2 Hawaiian BBQs in Alameda - one on Encinal next to Jack n the Box, the other in the Nob Hill shopping center on Blanding & Broadway/Tilden at the Fruitvale Bridge. YUM.

                    1. re: lildoggie

                      Just because it's not-for-profit doesn't mean it doesn't have owners. Someone has to own it/be on the board of directors of the corporation that owns it. The donut reference was to a completely different place.

                      And speaking of donuts, I had one of the best donuts I've ever had at the Boniere Bakery this week -- didn't know they made donuts, but they do and they're excellent.

                    2. re: mitzimarmle

                      Some locators:

                      Crosstown Coffeehouse & Comm
                      1303 High St, Alameda, CA 94501

                      Everett & Jones Barbeque
                      1930 Main St, Alameda, CA

              2. ooh...i love this thread. now that i'm back on with the beef and pork, I think it's time to check these places out. thanks for the heads up.

                1. The mention of a Portuguese reataurant in Alameda brings back melancholy memories
                  of one of my three all-time favorite Alameda eateries, the legendary Patusco's. It had
                  an all-too brief run in the South Shore bowling alley in the late 1980s. They did a fabulous
                  "Portuguese rice", which was more like a seafood/chorizo/linguica laden jambalaya.
                  I could never figure out how they made their Portuguese eggplant Parmesan, usually a rather leaden dish, almost etherially light. As the ancient SF Chronicle restaurant critic Stan Sesser raved, "they have (had) a way with red sauces." Anyway, they're long gone, (sniff) but I hear rumors that the new "Hob-Knob", where
                  Kelly's/Barceluna/Driftwood used to be on Park Street will feature the chef from ThirstyBear in SF, and that the house specialty will be small plates, with American, Spanish and Portuguese influences. I'm hoping for some decent crab cakes, mini-burgers, paella and baccala- And maybe some parking.

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                  1. re: alameda fats

                    Very cool. Thanks for the tip. And thank you too, Ruth. I was beginning to think that i imagined the Portuguese reference to Alameda ... or mistook it for Filipono ... yeah ... not the same, but two cuisines I am interested in.