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My Favorite NY Pizza in San Diego

I've been reading on chowhound for years now and when I moved to San Diego from the Bay Area last year I scoured the boards looking for the bests of my favorite foods. I hadn't been able to find really good NY style pizza until I found Bronx Pizza in Hillcrest. Bronx is good I guess but not really like the places I used to go to back east (I was born in Brooklyn). Last night however I found the place! No one has mentioned it on the board yet so I have to give everybody a heads up if you want genuinly good pizza in San Diego. Next to Toro Sushi on mission gorge rd. is Pizza Etc, A taste of Brooklyn. Its a real pizzeria...seriously. They even have zeppolis which I've never seen in california before. The owner Nunzio is a wiseguy type from Brooklyn himself, he's got the NY attitude for sure but he's a nice guy if you chat him up. All his recipes are family recipes even the cannoli cream. Couldnt recommend trying the pie here enough.

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  1. Been going there for years. Awesome pizza.

    1. Now THIS is why I read Chowhound! Thanks for this recommendation... my husband is a Brooklyn boy himself and we enjoy both Bronx Pizza and Luigi's... now we have another place to try (hubby's especially excited about the zeppoli!!!).

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        Great, a new place to try, thanks!

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          They didn't have any zeppoli last Sunday. I look for Zeppoli always and can only find it ocasionally at Solunot Bakery on India Street.

        2. Bronx is truly great- even the attitude is totally eastcoaster

          1. we just discovered this place last week! i personally think bronx is overrated. and by the way, bronx, being a jerk doesn't mean "new york". it just means you're a jerk.

            1. Thanks for this! I work in Mission Valley, and would have never thought to try this place if not for your post.

              1. I'm cornfused... what's the name of this place? Googled it and closest I came up with was "A Brooklyn Pizzaria" on Mission Gorge Road. Any comments thanks!

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                  You'll see "PIZZERIA" in big letters with "A Brooklyn right" above it. It's on the east side of Mission Gorge in a strip mall with Toro Sushi. The address is 6171 Mission Gorge Rd.

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                    website is www.ABrooklynPizzeria.com

                    Same mall as Souplantation, Starbucks and that all you can eat Indian place.

                  2. I am a native NY'er and a big fan of Luigi's in Golden Hill.

                    1. OK, we tried it... you are spot on about the atmosphere and Nunzio. Wise guy but nice and very customer oriented. We didn't think the pizza was quite as good as Luigi's or Bronx, but we only had slices. The cannoli cream was just OK. I think he uses amaretto in it. We'll definitely return to try a made to order pie and more of the stuff on the menu. Thanks for the recommendation, it's not far from home so we'll continue to check it out!

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                        Finally tried this place today, and I really like the pizza. Now, mind you, I haven't tried Luigi's yet, but I like this better than Bronx. The downside: no A/C so it was warm in there, despite the fans. But the owner was a total sweetheart, IMO!

                      2. Well, I haven't tried any of the one's listed but if you have, how would compare those with Jay's Gourmet up in Carlsbad?

                        1. Will have to check out your place....let me elaborate on Luigi's--I would call ahead and make sure Luigi is working. When he's there, pizza is great. Quality tends to go downhill when left up to the unsuprervised crystal meth staff. Bronx is OK but it's not real NY pizza--I challenge you to find tomato sauce on the plain cheese pizza--I haven't.