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Apr 8, 2007 09:07 PM

My Favorite NY Pizza in San Diego

I've been reading on chowhound for years now and when I moved to San Diego from the Bay Area last year I scoured the boards looking for the bests of my favorite foods. I hadn't been able to find really good NY style pizza until I found Bronx Pizza in Hillcrest. Bronx is good I guess but not really like the places I used to go to back east (I was born in Brooklyn). Last night however I found the place! No one has mentioned it on the board yet so I have to give everybody a heads up if you want genuinly good pizza in San Diego. Next to Toro Sushi on mission gorge rd. is Pizza Etc, A taste of Brooklyn. Its a real pizzeria...seriously. They even have zeppolis which I've never seen in california before. The owner Nunzio is a wiseguy type from Brooklyn himself, he's got the NY attitude for sure but he's a nice guy if you chat him up. All his recipes are family recipes even the cannoli cream. Couldnt recommend trying the pie here enough.

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  1. Been going there for years. Awesome pizza.

    1. Now THIS is why I read Chowhound! Thanks for this recommendation... my husband is a Brooklyn boy himself and we enjoy both Bronx Pizza and Luigi's... now we have another place to try (hubby's especially excited about the zeppoli!!!).

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        Great, a new place to try, thanks!

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          They didn't have any zeppoli last Sunday. I look for Zeppoli always and can only find it ocasionally at Solunot Bakery on India Street.

        2. Bronx is truly great- even the attitude is totally eastcoaster

          1. we just discovered this place last week! i personally think bronx is overrated. and by the way, bronx, being a jerk doesn't mean "new york". it just means you're a jerk.

            1. Thanks for this! I work in Mission Valley, and would have never thought to try this place if not for your post.