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Apr 8, 2007 08:52 PM

What to do with "duck sauce" packets left over from Chinese takeout!?

you all know what I'm talking about!

the packets of soy sauce and mustard that come with the duck sauce are easily and happily dispensable. I'm always in need of soy sauce. And mustard is a pretty basic condiment.

but...there is that little packet of ambiguous "duck sauce" or "sweet & sour sauce" that i never use - piling up in my drawer.

i try never to throw food away. are there creative ways to use this sauce (recipes, glazes on meats?) or am i doomed to a growing mountain of "duck sauce" packets (that i might have to bury in my plant pot as "compost" someday).

(btw, ollies does not take the duck sauce back)

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  1. I am a big fan of the theory, if you aren't gonna use it in the original state, you will also probably not use it in any altered state.

    It helps if you do not think of it as food, but rather annoying little packets. And you can always ask not to have them included, can't hurt.

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      I gotta agree with Quine here. The quality of the stuff in those little packets is pretty poor. If you're low on cash, maybe you need to use them for cooking but otherwise pitch 'em. The soy sauce and other products I buy are so much better than what they include when I get carryout that I usually bring my own things out of the cupboards anyway.
      If you pick up your carryout, ask them not to include those or even the throwaway chopsticks, if it makes you feel better. I hate to waste things just as you do. Your plants probably won't be happy if you try to use them as compost or plant "food" anyway.

    2. i would make an asian marinade
      fish sauce(optional)
      orange juice
      chili paste or sauce
      fresh herbs cilantro/basil
      there u go

      good for chicken beef et. al.

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      1. re: jsmitty

        Could you give me the measurements of these ingredients for your asian marinade? Thanks sounds great!

      2. I've used them as a glace for ham steaks when I'm in a rush or facing an empty kitchen.

        1. I used to save them believing that I could use them is a sauce, glaze, flavor etc.
          I never did. So now I just toss them along with the packets of soy sauce and mustard.

          1. My dad always used duck sauce when he barbecued steak. Kind of sweet, but a nice counterpoint to the charcoal flavor. Of course, this was back in the 60s-70s, so there wasn't any variety to the seasoning options then. When I moved from NY to Calif (1977), I asked my brother to send me some duck sauce so I could use it when grilling. He didn't pack the box well enough, and half the bottles broke. What a holy mess that was!

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            1. re: rednails

              I was going to say "send it on" since those of us here in CA don't get the stuff. Add the fried noodles they set on the table to munch on while you peruse 1 from column A and 2 from column B menu....we don't get either of those either.

              When I first moved here I would shop for Dai Dia (or Dia Dai...I can't remember) or "Saucy Susan" when I went back to NY and carried it on the plane (no longer an option, I think).

              Then it occurred to me that I was turning into my mother! She has bags and bags of unused condiments (some refrigerated, some not) that she hated or could not eat when it came fresh with the food but for some reason thought she would grow to like it when it sat in her kitchen a year or two. I'm afraid to find what she may have in there when she "moves out."