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Apr 8, 2007 08:46 PM

Pio Pio UWS: Good chicken, bad everything else

When Pio Pio, Sipan’s successor, opened its doors a few months back, chicken lovers of the UWS rejoiced. This popular New York chain has something of a cult following, built on its reputation for brilliant roast chicken. Unfortunately, the UWS outlet, at least—owned and operated by the same crew that had run Sipan—leaves quite a lot to be desired. Pio Pio seems to have inherited all of Sipan’s flaws—an acoustically challenged dining room so loud that even when it is half full, one has to yell to be heard, slow service, and mostly mediocre food—but not Sipan's graciously appointed space.

My SO and I tried Pio Pio for any early (5:30) dinner on Sunday night. There is some basis to the reputation: the chicken is good—but it is no better than, say, Flor de Mayo or Gabriella’s, and everything else was much worse, almost comically bad.

We started with the cebiche limeno and blue corn tamales, a holdover from the old, Sipan menu. Conceptually, the tamales were good (smoky blue corn meal wrapped, Peruvian style, in banana leaves instead of corn husks), but the execution was just fair, meagerly filled with tough, rubbery chicken. The cebiche was entirely disappointing, the whitefish was “fishy” (clearly less than fresh) and cut in too large of chunks to marinate thoroughly. It was so bad I couldn’t eat more than a few bites.

For our entrees, my SO had a half chicken with sides of French fries and avocado slices, and I ordered the white fish with asparagus, over mashed potatoes. I say ordered and not “had” because my dish didn’t actually come. The waiter tried to serve me a camarones plate, and after I politely pointed out that I hadn’t ordered shrimp, he sighed deeply, ambled back to the kitchen and didn’t come back to our table again for another 30 minutes when, despite his best efforts to wait, my SO had already finished his entrée. It didn’t seem to be an isolated incident: The table right next to ours had the exact same problem. Eventually, at the end of my SO’s meal, I tried to cancel my order, but the waiter refused, saying that it was almost ready. It took another fifteen minutes to come.

I ended up having it wrapped to take home, but I’m not sure I should’ve bothered. The fish was—again—distinctly non-fresh and overcooked, the mashed potatoes as gummy as half-dried Elmer’s glue. The yellowish sauce that smothered the plate tasted of flour and hot peppers, but not much else.

Though the owners are the same and the space substantially similar, Pio Pio has removed all of the classier elements of the Sipan dining room and added far more tables. Gone is the giant mirror that overhung the room, replaced by a clashing, unaesthetic combination of a dark wood Virgin Mary surrounded by thirty or so gaudy images of children. Gone is the soothing green wood, painted over with a too-quickly applied streaky yellow that does almost nothing to disguise the underlying green color. Tables are so close together that one cannot pull out one’s chair far enough to sit comfortably.

To be fair, the restaurant does have redeeming qualities. First, there's the chicken, moist and full-flavored, served with beautiful, ripe avocado (and less impressive hard, winter tomatoes). Second, there's the tasty, though oversalty, creamy green aji, similar to green mojo served in the Canary Islands. And finally, there are the better-than-average sangrias, adult drinks as they ought to be and not just fruit juice. (No mention of the (in)famous pisco sours on the menu.) If these three things are all one cares about, one will be very happy here. But for the price tag (more than $70 with tip for the food and two drinks), which would have purchased three good meals for two at Flor de Mayo and charming, efficient service, I am sorely disappointed.

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  1. Sorry to hear of your terrible experience! I haven't had any problems at the Queens and UES location. Though I'm not really crazy about anything else other than the chicken. Perhaps they're working out the kinks at this stage.

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    1. re: Miss Needle

      Thanks, Miss Needle. I guess in retrospect I really should've read up about it on Chowhound before going, since you and good number of other folks have pointed out Pio Pio's chicken-centric-ness.

    2. I was there this weekend and have a similar story.

      I went on Saturday night with a group of 11. We called ahead to make a reservation; we were told that they couldn't do 7:30, but 8:30 would work. We all got there at 8:30, and waited for an hour for a table. There was a large group that wasn't getting up, even though they had paid their check, and while I'm usually not a fan of asking people to get up and leave, when you have 11 people clogging up the already crowded bar area, and a table full of people not spending any money or eating or anything, well, it might not hurt to ask them to at least move to the bar in exchange for a pitcher or two of sangria.

      Once we sat down, we ordered immediately - 9 of us got chicken and we split some sides (salchipapas, avocado salad, maduros, all tasty), and 2 got shrimp. the chicken and other food came almost immediately.

      As for the shrimp dishes, nothing. We waited, and waited, and asked, and waited, and nothing for 30-45 minutes. The rest of us were all done eating by the time one of the shrimp dishes came out; and we just asked to have the other wrapped up.

      Then - and this is particularly bad - the manager told us that the waiter told him that the 2 people who ordered shrimp came late and ordered late, and this is why their food was late.

      Did I mention that we were all there an hour early for our reservation?

      Then, we had to ask 5 or 6 times - and wait another 15 minutes or so - for our check. At that point, the last thing we wanted to do was sit in the restaurant.

      Good, cheap, chicken? Yes. Unacceptably poorly run? Probably.

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      1. re: adam

        Sorry about your bad experience, too, adam. What a bummer--especially about the dishonored reservation! I think if I ever try them again, it'll be by delivery only.

      2. the only thing i'll eat at Pio Pio is the chicken and avocado salad. all of the other offerings on their menu seem to just disappoint.