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Apr 8, 2007 07:35 PM

Brentwood Sushi Reality Check

For at least 4 years we have been going to the same neighborhood sushi spot at least three time a month. Tonight I went, sat at the bar (we usually sit at a table) and requested a no-rice-scallop and crab handroll ( it was not going to be my last order, but turned out to be). I was not sitting with the owner- but the chef in front of me, hesitated and asked the owner-chef, if he could make it.

Now I didnt ask about price, but the owner said no we do not make that. I tired of Nozawa long ago-sometimes attitude does not equal sacrifice or quality-but I was really taken aback by this denial of my request.

I told one of the waitresses on my way out and quietly, who knows me, that I was embarrased by the chef's attitude and asked her to tell the chef in Japanese that I felt as much.(this was after my solo dinner with tip of $54) Instead of telling me she would relay the message, she told me that maybe the chef does not believe in mixing crab and scallop. I told her I eat a no-rice cucumber roll (on the menu as a no-rice roll)with those ingredient's every week here, and asked her just to relay my message.

Am I being a snob? I really do not think that that my request was out of line. No-rice rolls are common and I should be able to ask for any combination I please, without having the chef, owner, sayi8ng accross the bar "we dont make that"

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  1. I think the owner has done the math after seing the cult following that accrues to sushi chefs who adopt a diva attitude. Many customers use rudeness as a proxy for brilliance.

    1. I certainly don't think it's an inalienable right to order whatever concoction you can think of when you go to a restaurant, and I can understand and sympathize with a chef deciding not to prepare something that's not on the menu if he thinks it's horrible. Your waitress tried to explain this to you in a nice way, but it didn't seem to register.

      I have respect for a chef with standards, someone who takes pride in their work - if that's a "diva attitude" then that's fine with me.