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Apr 8, 2007 07:29 PM

Bay Bread Cupcake?

Stopping by SF's Boulange de Polk yesterday, I spotted these curious-looking cupcakes from the Bay Bread empire and snapped a picture through the glass. The woman at the counter acknowledged that the topping was bigger than the cake part. She said that the top was lemon-flavored butter. These are $3, anyone tried one?

Lemon butter top-heavy cupcake -

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  1. i've tried the vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and the chocolate ones...the vanilla cupcakes were great and its the kind of silky buttercream soo few places serve... it's not the frosting made with tons of confectioners sugar that you see in many places... they are worth a try if you like real buttercream frosting. (i do agree they could half the amount of frosting...but i'm not complaining) they sometimes have the lemon flavored ones but since i am not a fan of lemon I havent tried it.

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      I'd never seen anything that top heavy before. Yet, if it's good buttercream, I'm there!

    2. That's my kind of frosting-to-cake ratio. Will try soon. Still waiting for further word on the opening of another Bay Bread outpost at Hayes & Octavia (NW corner).